‘Color Coded’ Tools For High-End Trading


Simpler Trading Team

Jun 28th 2021  .  2 min read

Ever notice how high-performance race cars have all the buttons and switches color coded for the driver?

These cars were designed to perform high-end maneuvers using engineered systems – engine, transmission, suspension, electronics, etc. – that the driver alone could never coordinate in real-time. So, push green to start, flip red if something is wrong, and watch the digitized dials to make sure speed is where you want it and step on the gas when all systems are “go.”

Trading at a high-performance level is similar to high-end racing.

Since the indicators do much of the heavy lifting monitoring market movement, Simpler’s traders can avoid sitting in front of a computer staring at every little market twitch all day long. Simple watch for the color that corresponds with the market move that fits the trading plan and take action.

Simpler Trading has developed a cache of tools – strategies, scanners, chart indicators, etc. – all waiting for insightful traders who want to step up to the next level of trading.

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