Keeping Watch For Strength, Bulls

Simpler Trading Team

Simpler Trading Team

Not a stellar day for the markets, but any movement to the upside like today is a welcome sign in uncertain times.

Signals were clean for trades today, so no need to taunt any higher powers of trading.

People have been asking how Simpler’s traders continue to identify direction in this wild market.

The answer is surprising to many:

Simpler’s traders don’t know for certain what the market will do next. No one does.

Our traders focus on probabilities and follow their training and experience using proven strategies and indicators.

So far so good this year with most of Simpler’s traders already meeting or exceeding their annual profit goals.

With the market as it has been the last few days (first positive day in almost a week), sometimes it’s good to step back and look at chart patterns from a broader, long-term view. There may be opportunities that allow for a little more time to play out and identify some potential setups.

Using moving average analysis is key to Simpler trading plans. This is a valuable way to study trend-based moves, especially when cross-checking signals with multiple indicators.

This strategy has identified key stocks with expectations of more bullish patterns heading into the end of the year.

Is there a strong bull market out there, somewhere?

We’ll be watching for that opportunity like everyone else.

The difference for most traders is… we’re thankful we have an awesome set of tools in our trading tool box.

We Saw: A welcome overall uptick across the board – 

  • Little market reaction to Fed appearance before Congress
  • Most S&P sectors up vs. most down yesterday
  • Tweeting TSLA annoying investors

We’re Watching: Any emerging signals for direction, trend –

  • Short-term plays to the short side
  • Replacing shorts with long-term setups to the upside

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