Greeks Guide Veteran Trader’s Gains


Simpler Trading Team

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Minimum risk, protect capital, slow and steady profits.

Not too “catchy” for an options veteran’s trading style.

But try to sign up for one of this seasoned trader’s direct-access mentorship classes — and you’ll wait months to pay for a seat at the table.

There is nothing more valuable at Simpler Trading than our biggest asset — our people. The information, resources, and experience our traders deliver reaches around the world.

Bruce Marshall, Director of Options and Income Trading, is our “Friday Feature” this week. He headlines this highlight of the newsletter where we present one of our traders making an impact in the Simpler community.

Bruce is a 30-year veteran trader who profits from well-defined options strategies that make money over longer time frames. Extending the time in a trade allows him to adjust to anything the market presents. He specializes in protecting a trade and adding profits as the trade matures.

His goal as a trader is to add consistent income while avoiding risk. He focuses on the “singles” and “doubles” — consistent plays that add gains over time while eliminating much of the worry associated with options trading.

Bruce doesn’t shy away from “home run” possibilities, but only if the Greeks support the play.

These market measurements include Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and help traders sort and analyze market information. Each Greek provides a different measure of factors that affect options prices.

While Bruce uses various indicators and tools in his trading, he doesn’t make a move without knowing what the Greeks are showing.

This allows him to determine a strategy, develop a trade structure, manage the trade, and defend against anything the market throws at him. Then take profits.

Flexible and forgiving strategies, such as “Bulletproof Butterflies,” “Iron Condors,” or “Simpler Calendars,” are favorites of Bruce. These straightforward strategies allow Bruce to target setups where he can “set and forget” a trade until time to settle in the money.

This systematic approach delivers a proven method to identify trades that accumulate gains, regardless of market direction.

Traders can benefit from Bruce’s example of planning and organizing trade setups and management. Decades of experience allows him to analyze the market from a big-picture viewpoint and narrow that down to profitable opportunities even in the most volatile trading environment.

He also delivers his stand-out trading plan — Bruce’s Income Accumulation System (BIAS). The focus of BIAS is generating income in any market environment using a mix of income positions. Bruce avoids “chasing every trade” by maintaining a handful of select trades each month that extend for a few days or several weeks.

So if you’re ready to take your trading to the next level, catch one of Bruce’s courses in the store or jump into the B.I.A.S room.

This can prepare you for when a seat at his mentorship opens up.

We Saw: a Friday that strained traders all session long — 

  • Nasdaq stumbled after record-setting previous high
  • Dow and S&P 500 each barely kept alive an eight-day win streak
  • Majority positive results from S&P 500 earnings reports

We’re Watching: for stronger setups to start next week —

  • Staying cash-heavy through the weekend
  • Whether the market baked in the stimulus stall
  • Setups in: ROKU, NFLX, WMT, SLV

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