Flexible, Free, Brutal… Adapt For Opportunity


Simpler Trading Team

Jun 16th 2021  .  2 min read

“There will never be another year like 2020.”

For most people, especially traders, that statement will likely ring true for a lifetime.

Challenges from all areas of life hit traders and the market like never before. And much of what challenged the trading lifestyle has continued this year as traders face a sporadic market that just won’t settle down.

So what can traders learn from these challenges to make a mark in the last half of this year? Here are some helpful insights:

  • Be flexible – Learn to adapt, adjust, improve at every turn
  • Be free – Don’t get overwhelmed by the “weight of the world” or market chaos
  • Be brutal – Focus only on what works and quickly discard anything else

This doesn’t mean “being” like this as a trader will be easy. Adapting to an unsettled market that really no one has traded before is a tall challenge. There is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding such efforts.

Being flexible, free, and brutal often requires simplifying trading efforts to a few key elements. Meeting these challenges requires improving skills and settling into a defined system for trading.

Overcoming the challenges of this volatile market can be helped by:

  • Following time-tested strategies and using proven tools
  • Trading on smaller time frames to manage risk
  • Focusing on daily windows of time and opportunity

Even in this wild, weird market, Simpler’s traders have adapted to navigate the volatility and avoid getting stuck in wrong moves. They catch some of the best trades in just a couple of hours trading each day and continue to generate steady account growth.

This is how they enjoy the trading lifestyle and develop peace of mind… no matter how the world turns.

We Saw: Fed not budging, will hold interest rates low –

  • Market still not steady with all three major indexes down
  • No Fed check on inflation until likely 2023
  • U.S. Treasury warns of higher than expected inflation ahead

We’re Watching: Opportunity from inflation-affected stocks –

  • Plays in housing as home demands accelerate
  • Watching the watchers – plays in cybersecurity
  • For setups with support, direction amid chop, volatility

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