Find Honey Badger Stocks For Winning Trades


Simpler Trading Team

Apr 21st 2020  .  2 min read

The Dow plummeted another 631 points Tuesday and the crude oil collapse worsened.

Retail giants are closing, Coca-Cola consumption plunged, and unemployment is near Depression Era levels.

What’s a trader to do when searching for profitable moves in this crazy market?

Find the tickers not dancing in tune with the market direction…

Honey Badgers.

These are stocks that don’t care about the market.

Honey Badgers do their own thing no matter what the market is doing (compared to 85 percent of stocks that follow market direction.)

In nature, a Honey Badger may appear small and not very powerful. In reality, it’s appearance is deceiving as this creature is strong and will defy tough circumstances, like fighting a cobra, to survive. They follow their own path no matter the obstacles.

Like the wild animal, Honey Badger stocks aren’t always visible to the average investor. These company stocks do not care how the market is trading as they continue on their own path.

Once you find a Honey Badger stock, you can gain confidence in trading despite the current market conditions.

Confidence in your plan is vital considering most traders are wary of a market that has seen oil go negative for the first time ever and it’s likely the first pandemic for most traders.

Honey Badger stocks can be found that fit your personal style, level of experience, and amount of capital. Any one of these can change as you pursue your stock selections.

Learn to adapt to changing conditions as you understand more about stock weaknesses and strengths.

We Saw: oil tanking and dragging down indexes — 

  • Traders losing everything on oil and looking for jobs
  • Stimulus glitches and gripes fueling public anger
  • Traders scrambling for direction

We’re Watching: … whether we’ve seen the worst of this pandemic —

  • How far oil can actually fall — already hit less than $0 
  • For signs of Honey Badger stocks for wins
  • Which companies take government loans

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