Chart The Crazy Market With Precision


Simpler Trading Team

May 18th 2020  .  2 min read

Never look at a chart the same way again.

Traders can apply this methodical method to search the markets for low-risk opportunities for profit.

This market is volatile, so you need an edge.

Add Fibonacci analysis to your trading tool kit to make sense of a crazy market.

Fibonacci tools are useful for analyzing stocks, options, equities, futures, Forex, and even crypto. Fibonacci analysis can be used by any type of trader – swing trader, day trader, scalper – across all markets. 

Fibonacci ratios adjust to fit new data as time and price change within a chart. And because of how accurate and effective Fibonacci is within trading, it’s possible to use this tool regardless of market trend direction.

Applying these ratios helps identify key support and resistance zones in the market, and therefore determine key trading opportunities or setups. 

This is a disciplined approach that anyone can learn.

Fibonacci works for veteran traders who want to improve their trading discipline, or new traders starting from scratch and looking for a proven trading strategy.

Traders want to avoid the “heat” of an uncertain market, but don’t want to miss out on profit potential.

It’s amazing how wild charts look right now.

Fibonacci can help navigate the current volatility to find precise entries and exits across time and price.

We Saw: rocketing rally in the markets Dow up 900+ points- 

  • Extreme optimism over reopenings, Covid-19 vaccine
  • Fed pumping enthusiasm for markets
  • Oil rising, retail anchors stumbling

We’re Watching: … if rally is Fed-induced bubble –

  • What is setting up in the charts
  • What are best opportunities
  • “Paused” action in WORK, NFLX, AMZN, SHOP