Can You Still Trade On Friday?


Simpler Trading Team

3 min read

For traders, the holiday weekend can be a blessing and a frustration.

Simpler Trading always encourages traders to take advantage of any three-day weekend and a break from the markets. The mind and body need the rest, and this weekend is a great time to spend with family and celebrating the Fourth of July.

We do understand how traders can have a bit of withdrawal as the stock market shuts down for the day tomorrow.

So if you have some free time before the fireworks kick off, here’s how you can still trade.

You can consider tapping into the $5 trillion per day foreign currency exchange, or Forex.

Since Forex is a worldwide market, U.S. national holidays don’t apply and you can trade on without holiday constraints.

To learn more about this vast market, join Raghee Horner tomorrow on Facebook for our “Forex Fridays!” at 10:30 a.m. Central.

Raghee is a 30-year veteran trader who shares simple basics of trading Forex and tips for this vast market.

“Forex Fridays!” is completely free, and you can access the session live from your mobile device, too.

Forex dwarfs all other markets. And because currencies trend so well, they can offer some of the biggest opportunities each year. Plus, there’s always a bull market somewhere.

But most traders miss out because they ignore this vast opportunity.  

Forex gives traders access to tracking some of the biggest currency trends each year. Trading this market requires developing an understanding of the macro and technical forces that drive massive FX trends. Proper training and strategies can help traders get in during the early stages of these trends and pursue profits. 

While Forex opens another world of trading opportunities, just remember that traders need time away from the markets.

So make sure to grab a few burgers and cold beverages and enjoy the July 4th fireworks (even if it’s on television since most live fireworks are shut down due to Covid-19 social distancing).

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