Avoid ‘Click Happy’ Emotions When Trading


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

Earnings rise, earnings fall; rally up, pull back; virus slows, virus spreads – so much up-and-down news creates a set of emotional challenges for traders.

Traders square off against a flurry of feelings every trading session and the importance of keeping emotions in check is front and center these days.

Wild markets can derail trading plans when emotions rule during a surging market or shifting momentum goes against positions.

Where were your emotions in the middle of another mixed session today?

Simpler’s traders work hard daily to guard against letting emotions run straight through their “clicking arm” to their computer mouse. “Click happy” trades can lead to entering positions that create even more unhealthy emotions, especially if the trading account takes a hit.

What’s the Simpler Trading solution to avoiding emotional trading?

Our interactive community of traders creates an environment of participation that allows traders to stay connected online and develop individualized trading plans. Traders can cheer each other’s successes while “checking” runaway emotions at the door.

Learning from the veteran team of traders at Simpler also helps individuals develop “conviction” in their trades to make sound decisions in any market direction. Traders with a sound level of confidence in their efforts tend to take wins and losses in stride so they can move on to the next trade.

With a never-ending supply of twists and turns in this volatile market, the Simpler community offers an “even-keeled” approach to trading.

There is always risk and reward in trading, so operating within a community of traders helps develop a personal level of risk tolerance during times of searching for new trade opportunities.

When the action and emotions are running wild, where can we push the envelope but not go over the edge?

Wherever the market leads… without the baggage of “click happy” emotions.