John Carter Grew His $10k “Small Account” to $54k in Under 6 Months
(that’s a 340% return)

Now You Can Get Real-Time Trade Alerts and Live-Trade Three Days Every Month


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Time To Change Plans?

At Simpler Trading, we offer an opportunity for traders to enjoy a community of like-minded people pursuing a common goal: mastering winning trades.

Becoming consistently profitable with trading is a challenge where most traders fail due to costly trial and error. We believe the fastest path to success is to develop a consistent plan and follow live execution of setups from a seasoned trader.

That’s why John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, launched the Small Account Mastery Program. This is designed for traders who want to master small account options strategies that allowed John to explode a modest $10,000 account to more than $54,000 (or 340%) during one of the wildest years in history — 2020.

And… mastery works with small or large accounts (John’s large account grew by more than $16.5 million in 2020 — a 1,270% increase).

Small Account Mastery is an interactive program with direct access to John — a veteran trader of 30 years, best-selling author of Mastering The Trade, and the trader with multiple million-dollar trades in 2020 (from his larger trading account). The Small Account Mastery Program includes monthly live-trading sessions with John, trade alerts during and between sessions, an online chat room community, and Q&A time with John.

Small Account Mastery is for traders who want to take the next step and learn John’s rapid growth methods without watching the market all day. Why not remove the stress and confusion around trading and follow John’s low-risk setups in real-time?


Because there are so many traders struggling to grow smaller accounts right now, John decided to offer something never done before at Simpler Trading.

You can get an exclusive, one-month trial membership to the Small Account Mastery Program at a discounted price!

You get full access for $47 the first month!

There’s no contract, no commitment, no pressure.

What’s the catch?

This is a limited time, steeply-discounted price, and we don’t expect to offer this exclusive price ever again. So get started today…

If you love your Small Account Mastery trial, your subscription will auto-renew after 30 days at the discounted price of $597/quarter.
If for some reason you are unsatisfied, there is no contract, no commitment, and no pressure - just contact our customer service team to cancel.

What Makes Small Account Mastery Unique?

Traders tell us they wish they’d found us sooner. They tried everything else and it didn’t produce the results they were looking for. Too many others make big promises but don’t deliver. They make wild predictions and tout hypothetical trades (often relying on hindsight and hype to pitch their services).

By comparison, John Carter is an 8 figure trader who shares his actual setups in real-time. He even live-trades in an interactive online chatroom so you can see his exact entries and exits as they happen. Any losses or wins in his trading decisions directly affect his personal bottom line.

In other words, he puts his money where his mouth is. His methods aren’t flashy and he doesn’t make bold predictions. Instead, he targets moments when it’s possible to profit from greater than expected moves with simple options strategies.

Some consider John’s methods boring, not flashy, and even question if he is trading often enough during a raging bull market (like the last few months of 2020).

John’s uses proven strategies and tools and his goal is always to enjoy week-by-week gains that he can withdraw and turn into assets and life experiences with his family.

That’s the Simpler way.

Simpler Trading team members do invest in homes, land, cars (or pickups), electric vehicles, farm and ranch animals, and a few zebras (rescue animals)… and some have a liking for nice clothes and maybe some trinkets for loved ones.

But buying (or renting) super-fast sports cars, boats, or jet aircraft to show off? Yeah, not the Simpler way.

John and the team stick to technical analytics, sound strategies, accurate indicators, minimized risk, assessing losses, calculated profit potential, tracking markets with momentum, and trading within a team-oriented community as members pursue the next trade that boosts the bottom line.

Simpler’s traders are real people with real trade setups.


John Carter on his ranch with his favorite horse, Blake.

John maintains transparency with Small Account Mastery Program members by trading live during market hours with his money on the line. If he loses in a trade… he shows the how and why. If he wins on a trade… he shows the how and why. And… he even shares profit and loss statements.

If that sounds good to you, now’s your chance to follow a proven path to trading success...

If you love your Small Account Mastery trial, your subscription will auto-renew after 30 days at the discounted price of $597/quarter.
If for some reason you are unsatisfied, there is no contract, no commitment, and no pressure - just contact our customer service team to cancel.

The Mastery Program Includes:

Weekly Live Sessions

Get weekly interactive sessions for Q&A and live trades with John Carter and Kody Ashmore

Real-Time Trade Alerts

Get real-time Small Account Mastery stock option trade alerts directly to your mobile device

Options Bootcamp

Master the foundations of options trading with 2 classes included in your membership

Who is this program for:

Traders who want to learn how to use stock option strategies to rapidly grow smaller accounts without watching the market all day.

Feeling lost or stuck? Get clarity! With Small Account Mastery you get to focus on simple stock options strategies. The goal every month is to stay on track.

Consistency is key. That’s why you get weekly live sessions with John Carter and Kody Ashmore. Use these interactive sessions to level up your results as fast as possible.

Missing the best moves? Get push alerts when we identify Small Account Mastery setups.

What’s working now? Stay connected with this community and be among the first to know when to adapt to changing market conditions.

Want to trade with more confidence? We’re here to help you master the same powerful options strategies John used to rapidly grow smaller accounts for 25+ years.

Live Trading Sessions

Weekly on Wednesday Afternoon

Take advantage of these special weekly live sessions because this is the very fastest way to take your results to the next level.

This is your opportunity to trade with connect with John Carter and Kody Ashmore. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your mastery than to get weekly one-hour live trading sessions to help you stay on track. These sessions are a priceless opportunity to get your questions answered, get up-to-date market insights, and take live-trades when Small Account setups form. Take advantage of an exclusive opportunity and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Your Small Account Mastery Team:


John Carter

Founder of Simpler Trading®

John Carter has been a full-time trader since 1996. In 1999, tired of talking to his goldfish while trading alone in his office, John launched to post his trading ideas. The company has since evolved into what is now, Simpler Trading.

John is the trading expert everyone turns to when the markets go awry, and many of our traders have taken ideas and strategies from him and morphed them into their own strategies. He’s truly one of the best with a level of charisma that draws people in, which has transformed him into the famous trader he is today.


Kody Ashmore

Director of Weekly Options Strategies

One would consider Kody a “Jack of all trades” While in high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a rifleman. While in the USMC he did two tours to Iraq, went through a wide variety of courses and obtained several awards and medals.

Kody’s main goal in trading is to be able to produce a weekly income for a source of living. Short term, trading has always had his attention. He seeks to actively pay himself weekly while managing risk.

Here is what fellow Simpler Trading community members said about Small Account Mastery:

@Kody Ashmore (7w8) after losing 300k in the last 5 years and trying service after service, you're giving me some hope. was just getting ready to throw in the towel. thank far! - joshtxTue

John about three weeks ago you called this turn to the day. Incredible. You mentioned a number of times that the market would be strong until the 8th of June and then roll over. Thanks for that. - dezTue

This is absolutely great. Love the 0DTE concept. I hope this will be continued. I would like to send an email to the "suits" extolling the virtues of this. Who should I send it to - Michael from NJ

You keep pounding away Kody..... I haven't been so enthused in a long time - Putso

@Kody Ashmore (7w8) Great Job! I like your attention to details and narration. -AL

@JC, the diversity and breadth of experience at ST is a huge strength. I've subscribed to quite a few services and there is "simply" nothing comparable. Sorry couldn't resist the bad pun LOL… - TQ Trader

@Kody Ashmore (7w8). you are a great teacher. TY! - Sunny74

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