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You have transformed my life to finally realise my dream of being able to support myself with enough income to stay off the Highway. I just want to say that I am so very grateful to have found you, and that you are truly amazing in the studies that you share. I have never been so happy with my life now, and I want you to be recognised as a truly beautiful person.

Peter M.

The best membership around by far - I have been a member in 3 other clubs - this one is the absolute best


These guys are legit traders with 100+ of years of experience trading the markets between them. I highly recommend anyone interested in starting to trade to look into what they offer, buy a cheap trial, and see how you do. The tools I've bought have paid for themselves over the last few months and then some. Forget all those bio-stock breakout day traders, I stand by the Simpler Trading Team.


Kyle P

Having a Gold membership pays for itself in no time these guys are amazing and are real easy to follow.



Honestly, having been a member for many years. I know of no site that offers better dollar for dollar value.



Before I joined this room I would have been in full panic today. Being in the room I have learned to see the bigger picture and see an idea through. Thank you for all you do!!


Paul J.

I have probably been in EVERY trading room there is over the last 7 years and have never had the success I have had in just a month here!!



I believe I finally have the right people behind me to help me be a successful trader.


Ed R.

Just paid for my week long watercolor workshop on the coast of Oregon with one call on AMZN made yesterday and cashed out today. Nice!



We retired because of you guys.



Your service is crucial to my well being. I was forced to take an early retirement and you guys have opened up the door and allowed me to make a living!


Robb S.

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Why Do So Many Traders Love Options Gold?  

If you trade the markets, you'll love this special online community of traders. Every day we put our heads together to exploit Wall Street’s blind spots with our favorite strategies. We’ve got over 100 years combined experience and we’ve traded almost every market condition imaginable.

Here’s why we’re so different. We actually trade. Like our members, we have our money on the line. While most other services offer ‘hypothetical’ trades based on theories, we share our trading ideas in real-time. And we know everyone can’t watch the market during the day. That’s why we deliver instant trade alerts to phones and mobile devices. 

Do our strategies work in volatile markets, too? Considering John Carter’s account generated an astonishing $1.68 million in the first 73 days of the most volatile year on record, the results speak for themselves. 

That’s why inside Options Gold you get exclusive market updates in real-time (including specific entries and exits when we trade). Our goal is to help you accelerate your growth as a trader and shortcut your journey to success.

Here’s Just Some of What You Get Inside Options Gold:

Live-Trading Chat Room: Trade with our experts live 5 days a week for setups, watchlist building, and trading.

Trade Alerts: Download our app and receive instant updates on what’s happening in the market.

Trading Room Archives: Gain instant access to our live trading room recordings and trade alerts on all your mobile devices.

Daily Premium Videos: Receive a recap of the trading day with trade setups and key highlights.

Exclusive Member Webinars: Get instant access to recorded webinars and upcoming aftermarket special sessions.

Quarterly Gold Membership - $547/qtr

Bonus Free Training in Trading Psychology & Money Management

When you become a Quarterly Options Gold member you get all the same benefits as Monthly members. Plus, you also get an exclusive Bonus that is super relevant right now.

Bonus 1: Trading Psychology & Money Management Course Recordings

What’s the difference between a trader who’s consistently profitable and the 90 percent who lose? They have the right mindset for the markets.

That’s why we’re including this bonus with Quarterly Options Gold membership. We want you to discover how John Carter uses proven trading psychology tools to get a consistent edge in the market. This is especially important right now. If you want to keep calm and profit from these historic moves then John’s section is just what you’re looking for.

That’s not all. You’ll also discover how Danielle overcame the critical psychological aspect of trading, or as she likes to call it, how she tamed her trade monster.

This is two trainings in one. It’s a rare deep dive into trading psychology and you’ll get instant access to watch the course recordings when you become a Quarterly Options Gold member today.

Annual Gold Membership - $1,970 $2,364

Bonus Free Training in Trading Psychology, Money Management & Reading Market Internals

When you become an Annual Options Gold member you get all the exclusive benefits Monthly and Quarterly members enjoy. 

Bonus 2: You also get instant access to John Carter’s recorded training on how to ‘read’ the market ‘internals.’ 

This exclusive Bonus is super relevant right when the market is free-falling thousands of points one day and ripping right back up the next.  You may not be able to predict the market, but when you can read the market internals you can be prepared to know exactly what to do.

Time is of the essence so you’ll get instant access to John’s new Market Internals that he just did during this market turmoil. You’ll discover all this and more:

How to know exactly when the market is ready to rip higher on a huge down day (Do not be on the wrong side of this move).

Why you only need to read FOUR key market internals. They’re John’s ‘go to’ because they’re objective and easy to read. 

John will show how the 2020 market is similar to the 2008 financial crisis (and critical ways it is different)

How to tell when large funds are forced liquidated so you don't get run over by that freight train

How to identify key price levels to watch (even when the market is whipping all over the place)

How John plays the short side of these 1000+ point meltdowns (the secret behind his $394k winner)

How to find stocks poised for big upside moves in this down market

Why is Simpler Trading so Unique?

The Simpler Trading Team is unlike any other. We have 100+ years of combined market experience. While most other services offer ‘hypothetical’ trades and theories, we share our actual trading ideas in real-time. Like you, we have our own money on the line. Because we provide instant trade alerts, you can watch for setups, even if you work full-time with a smartphone or tablet.

Who is Simpler Trading?

We are a community of real traders founded by bestselling author, John  F. Carter.

We don’t do ‘theory’ or brag about ‘hypothetical’ results. We share what’s working for us in real-time every day in our online trading chatroom.  

Each trader on our team is successful in their own right - hand picked by John Carter to serve different trading styles in our community.  Our combined experience adds up to more than 100 years. But instead of bragging about us, why don’t we just share what our members say about their results?  

"It is so much different than watching a screen because you get to meet so many like-minded people. There is such a diverse group of traders giving the presentations that it seems like every piece of your personality is encompassed in Simpler Trading. It's a gathering that you never substitute. Really amazing." Jim H

"GM all, retirement countdown... 4 weeks from today!!!  I owe it all to ST" Tom M

"While I have the chance, I wanted to thank you for having such an informative website and presenters. I look forward each day watching how your traders trade, and learning the nuances of real full time traders. The amount of information you have archived is incredibly helpful and accessible. Thank you guys for what you do. You all do it extremely well. Your communication skills, knowledge base, the interactive engagement process. It’s excellent!" Sandy Stone

"The best membership around by far - I have been a member in 3 other clubs - this one is the absolute best - feel free to quote me" Jill

"By the way I just would like to say how happy I am that I found Simpler Trading. I have been in several trading rooms and been very disappointed and have lost a lot of money with their trading systems while trying to lean options trading. John Carter is amazing and a great mentor, his inside to trading and the markets is priceless, well maybe not priceless but well worth the monthly membership. I have learned a lot in the month I have been in the trading room. Everyone has help me tremendously, I love how everyone takes the time to analyze their trades, position and the overall markets. I just would like to thank everyone. Keep up the great work!! It is very much appreciated." Tom P.

Now you know why we do what we do every day. So many of our new members tell us they wish they’d found us sooner.

Here’s a brief introduction to Simpler Trading…

Most traders don’t have anyone in their lives who understand what we do. It’s a solitary business. When John Carter started in 1996 he only had his goldfish to talk to. So in 1999, he launched TradetheMarkets.com to share his ideas with fellow traders online. By 2005 he published the first edition of his bestseller, Mastering the Trade (now in its third edition!).  And by 2010 the company evolved into what is now Simpler Trading. By 2014, John became best known for the biggest win of his career (so far).  That was the time he made $1.41 million in 24-hours on TSLA options.

As exciting and profitable as that experience was, John’s mission is to target high probability opportunities and help traders discover how to be consistently profitable and shorten the journey to long term success.

Over the years, John attracted other accomplished traders to the team in Austin, Texas - each willing to share actionable ideas in real-time. Using state of the art technology, we deliver daily training to thousands of members via webinars, mentor coaching, interactive chatrooms, and live-trading.

To support our community, we have dedicated customer service teams with real-time support, including tech support sessions. Our goal is to ensure you get the training and support you need and we are here to help you achieve your goals.

“I did an Amazon trade and netted $20k just that day. I’ve been with Simpler Trading for 5 years - over 5 years. I think that ‘Options Gold’ is the best value because of its content, the room, everything. And it’s cheap… You guys are awesome.”


Alpha8 Training

“The amount of education you’re going to get in ‘Options Gold’ & the amount of trades they actually show live has been far and above the best that I’ve ever seen. You’re just not going to find it anywhere else."


Business Owner

“Everyone’s so responsive when I ask questions and try to get their 2 cents on what I’m looking at that it’s really insightful for me to add to my P&L every month”



What’s My Investment to be a Member?

Your membership is an investment in you. How much is uncertainty and confusion costing you? How many bad (emotional) trades are you taking? How many big winners have you missed? How much time, income, and account growth have you lost? Getting clarity on your trading plan and watching us trade during market hours could be exactly what you need to take your results to the next level (at a fraction of the cost of other services).

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