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We’ve taught thousands of traders over the past 10 plus years. The most consistently successful have a strong foundation in trading basics. That’s why we’ve created a program designed specifically to focus on these critical core skills.

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Learning how to trade profitably can take years. Our goal is to give you a shortcut to success with expert market insights and time-tested strategies. Our research, analysis, and expert commentary aims to give you a serious edge when you make trading decisions.

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Eliminate the confusion and overwhelm with our interactive learning center, designed specifically to get you the answers you need as quickly and easily as possible. We know when it comes to trading education, one size definitely does not fit all. If you share our passion for the trading lifestyle, our online community may be perfect for you…

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The Simpler Trading Team is unlike any other we’ve seen with almost 200 years combined market experience. We trade with our own money on the line and share what’s working for us with our members.

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"I recently sign up for a membership an so far I am loving my decision to join. I think the new Foundation site will be a great asset to finding trades and learning more about trading and to be successful."

- Cap


"Danielle Shay has really good techniques for newer traders. You will never have big losses if you follow her ideas"

- Dawn

Pavlin testimonial

"Simpler Trading is changing my life one trade at a time! By starting with the solid Foundation video collection and transitioning to a highly focused service of your choice (Options, Fibonacci, Futures, BIAS, and Crypto) is a natural progression of your successful trading business journey. Thank you so much for your great service."

- Pavlin


"I have only great things to say about this service! Been here for 1 1/2 yrs. You ALL have taught me how to trade with sound decisions! So thank you!"

- Becky


"Thanks so much, loved the episode! Really liked it, thanks Allison!"

- Tim C.

The Foundation Team

danielle shay

danielle shay Gum

Director, Options Trading

You can find Danielle in the Live Trading Chatroom several times a week, hosting her session called 'Trading it Simpler' where she focuses primarily on directional strategies for smaller accounts. She also teaches weekly after-hours webinars called 'What Just Happened' geared towards new members.

Henry Gambell

Henry Gambell

Senior Managing Director, Options

Henry's patience and market overview in the trading room at market open will get your day off on the right foot. He tries to keep his indicators simple, using The Squeeze, RAF indicator, and Voodoo Lines. His goal is to provide conservative trades with excellent risk to reward ratios.

Raghee Horner

Raghee Horner

Managing Director, Futures

Raghee is an aggressive futures and forex swing trader, who specializes in primarily trend following and directional plays. She likes to ride the trend until it ends. Her combination of technical analysis, charting strategies, volatility events, and market psychology and price movement ranges determines how she trades. Raghee’s love for her work and enthusiasm for teaching others shines through when you listen to her.

Darrell Gum

Darrell Gum

IT Manager

Darrell has been working in multiple Information Technology fields for the last 15 years. He has been doing everything from local IT work to remote systems administration of the array of windows and linux servers we use on Simpler. You can also see and hear him three times a week in our Options, Futures, and Crypto trading rooms where he has an open forum session and will answer any technical questions you might have.


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