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Discover Fibonacci trading strategies from the Fibonacci experts themselves. One of Simpler Trading’s best kept secrets is that you can get support and resistance levels directly from Tammy Marshall and Carolyn Boroden. Lock in your membership with a $7 trial, and get full access to the Fibonacci Chat Room, Exclusive Training Room, Daily Videos & Charts, Weekly Watchlist, and Learning Center for 7 days.

How Can Fibonacci Analysis Change Your Trading?

Fibonacci analysis is conservative as well as consistent. From 8:30am to 3:00pm every day you’ll get an in-depth analysis with questions being answered continuously in the breakout room. The goal every day is to provide you with relatively low risk trade setups based on a unique brand of Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis. Even better, charts are updated constantly throughout the day. Worried about missing an alert? Even when you’re away from your computer, you’re able to use the Fibonacci analysis on the mobile app.

Take a look at this daily ES chart…


We use the same ratios that we use on the price axis of the market and apply it to the time axis.

Get full access to the Fibonacci Membership for 7 days, for only $7!


“Overall, an AWESOME service! I have had the opportunity over the past 5 years to use and learn your trading methodology, setups, and trading plan to become a profitable trader.”

- Rodney W.

“I've been trading for 14 years. I've tried every piece of software out there and attended dozens of workshops. Carolyn's work is more helpful and accurate than anything I have found.”


“Carolyn ~ Your innovative analysis is the key to my successful trading plan. I am certain that your price and time work can supercharge anyone's trading results. Truly, it is the secret Rosetta Stone of the markets.”


“My trading has improved so much as I've used your techniques to perfect buying. My trading has seen a jump in winning positions from 70% to 90%. Thank you so much!”


What’s included in the Fibonacci Membership?

Carolyn and Tammy focus on the ratios derived from the Fibonacci number series. Fibonacci enables you to identify relatively low-risk trade setups where the risk is clearly defined along with the targets. This works on any time frame and can be applied to Stocks, ETF’s, Options, Futures and the Forex markets. See things in the market that you will never see using indicators alone.

Some other great features of this service are:

Premium Nightly Videos

In addition to the chart packet, Carolyn produces a video in which she explains most of the setups in the chart packet. This is another excellent way to prepare yourself for the trading day ahead.


Fibonacci Breakout Room

Ask questions during the live time in the Breakout Room Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00am PST. The Breakout Room is accessible for members 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Exclusive Training Room

The Training Room is designed for traders that are new to trading and new to Simpler. This is your go-to spot to get your questions answered and where you’ll find content on the basics of trading stocks, options, and futures. You’ll also get a lot of great insight on trading tech and platforms.


Learning Center

Master the fundamentals of Fibonacci analysis in a 6-part video series. Discover tips for picking your setups, which time frames to use, and more with the Learning Center.

Meet the Fibonacci Queen, Carolyn Boroden


Carolyn first became interested in Fibonacci in 1986. After learning Fibonacci from Robert Miner, she ventured to open her own website. For years Carolyn shared her chart analysis and time with thousands of traders. One day, at a market presentation, a new client started calling Carolyn ‘Queen Fibonacci’, a title which over time adjusted to ‘Fibonacci Queen’ and stuck.

Carolyn then came to work with Simpler Trading when John and Henry began the chatroom at Simpler Options. Her website has since moved under the umbrella of Simpler Trading into our Fibonacci Membership. Carolyn’s chart analysis focuses on the ratios derived from the Fibonacci number series. She applies these ratios on both the price and time axis of the market to identify key trading opportunities.


Meet Tammy Marshall, Director of Fibonacci Analysis


Tammy began her career as a school teacher after she graduated from Georgia Southern University and, as luck (or fate) would have it, she met and fell in love with her now husband, Bruce Marshall. Bruce immediately piqued her interest in trading in 2010, constantly showing her options strategies on ThinkorSwim. Through Bruce’s affiliation with Simpler Trading, Tammy then met Carolyn Boroden on a company trip in 2014 — that was when it all began to click. Carolyn had been looking for someone to mentor and train in her room when she realized that Tammy was the ideal choice.

Fast forward to today, Carolyn has been training Tammy in Fibonacci analysis using the program Dynamic Trader. Carolyn hired Tammy officially in 2019, and recently, Tammy has joined the staff at Simpler in the Fibonacci Room. During her sessions from 8:15am to 8:30am, she focuses heavily on providing analysis on the indices every day before the market opens. Her charts focus on the numbers derived from the Fibonacci sequence to help design the right setup whether you’re trading stocks, options, or futures.







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