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What if you could see the data that institutional investors use in real-time? What are they buying now? What are they shorting? Hedge funds pay over $100,000 a year for access to this kind of data, but it’s never been available to retail traders.

Why is Simpler Edge so powerful? Until now, the public has to wait over two weeks to get short interest data updates. Simpler Edge offers real-time short insights via S3 Partners' data and makes it possible to identify stocks with the potential to make explosive moves.

This breakthrough is so exciting because extreme levels of short interest can lead to extraordinary trading opportunities. In fact, John Carter was able to make over $1.41 million in 24-hours because he identified a high short interest situation in TSLA.

Want to consistently exploit an almost unfair advantage? Get Simpler Edge today...

Why Simpler Trading Teamed Up with S3 Partners

The Simpler Trading team has over 100 years of combined experience. And we’re always looking for ways to increase our edge over Wall Street. When we discovered S3 Partners technology could deliver real-time short interest insight data, we instantly recognized the profit potential.

If you haven't heard of S3 Partners before, S3’s award-winning technology and data integrity have been recognized by Institutional Investor and Waters Technology. S3 is an official data and technology partner to Bloomberg, NASDAQ and Reuters.

What makes S3 unique is their ability to drill into data on $2 trillion in daily financial transactions and distill actionable analytics like short interest insights. That’s why S3’s analytics are regularly referenced by 100 media outlets, including The New York Times, Bloomberg, and Business Insider. In addition, S3’s BLACK APP, is the best selling app on Bloomberg!

Our vision was to extract the distilled data and turn it into actionable trading ideas for our community of Simpler Edge members.


What’s Inside Simpler Edge?

Simpler Edge is on the forefront of cutting, fast-paced, accurate market information. Edge members are the only members to get exclusive access to market headlines before anyone else!

As an Edge member you will enjoy access to:


Edge Watch List

What's on your watchlist can determine your opportunity for success. If you're watching the wrong stocks, your odds of picking winning trades decreases, right? What if you only watched stocks with potential catalysts for big moves? That’s why Simpler Edge distills the symbols from S3’s updates into an easy to follow watchlist.

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