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Why Trade With Us?

Cryptocurrencies can be confusing for most due to the magnitude of options. Whether it's your first time trading or you're a seasoned day trader, we've got you covered. We'll guide you every step of the way...from investing in your first Bitcoin to swing trading altcoins. We'll even teach you how to secure your crypto assets for years to come. 

The cryptocurrency market is currently in its infancy. It provides the greatest opportunity for those willing to break out of their comfort zone and gain practical experience in this market. We understand learning a new market can be daunting for most, so we developed an easy way for you to get started.


Thanks SAM and the ST team. ya just keep sending out some great stuff. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s video and market action. -Edgar

Edgar Testimonial

I want to say thank you for all the work you are adding to Crypto dashboard and helping a newbie like me to become more oriented with the crypto world. -Liana

Liana Testimonial

The Crypto Room keeps getting better and better. He has greatly expanded my chart reading skills, my knowledge of how cryptos move, and I am very grateful for all of the detailed trade alerts. My crypto portfolio is growing as a result of the alerts. -Myra

Myra Testimonial

I think you and Taylor are doing a great job on passing on your knowledge. I love to get your take on the landscape...keep up the great work! -Danny

Danny Testimonial

I have to say that I am learning quite a bit more with respect to levels and charting... many more recommendations as well! That is a pleasant change for me. The trade alerts are great and yes have been very helpful in making profits. Really appreciate the helpful tips from you and Taylor. -Ron

Simpler Crypto is Designed to Get You Up to Speed Fast
(Even if You’re a Total Beginner)


We’ve built our entire platform from member questions and comments. Simpler Crypto was created to give you the ultimate edge in trading the cryptocurrency market.


Our team of crypto experts stay ahead of market news to help you identify winning trades across all cryptocurrencies, as well as upcoming events that can impact crypto prices.


Learn to master cryptocurrency platforms through our detailed instructional videos and market updates. We cover everything from exchanges to wallets to crypto jargon. 

What is Included with Your Crypto Membership?

Market Updates: Always stay up-to-date with what's happening in the Crypto World. Our market update videos are designed to bring you a concise report on news, trends, and setups we spot across the market.

Discord Community: The market moves fast so we've created a chat community where you can stay in touch with the team 24/7. Whether you're sharing insights with other members or getting updates on the market from the team, you'll always be in the know.


Learning Center: Shorten the Crypto learning curve to avoid all the painful and costly mistakes with our in-depth tutorials. You’ll find everything you need to kickstart your crypto trading in our learning center with content added every week.

Monthly Deep Dive Webinar: Join the Simpler Crypto team in a deep dive discussion on new strategies, tools, and techniques we are using to gain an edge in the market.

Coin Sectors & Portfolio Watchlists: We’ve grouped the top coins by sectors, exchanges, and more to give you a birds eye view to pinpoint some of the strongest correlations in the market. Members also get access to a few of our favorite diversified portfolios based on how the team tends to allocate our longer term holdings.

Tools & Resources: Get access to all of our favorite tools and resources for trading cryptocurrencies.

No commitment. Two week $7 trial renewing at $147/month

The Simpler Crypto Team

Taylor Letterman

Taylor Letterman

Director of Cryptocurrency Trading

Experienced in identifying which digital assets in the blockchain world should be traded and which ones to avoid! Taylor, an experienced web developer, will guide you through the jargon and fundamentals unique to the crypto market.

Sam Shames

Sam Shames

Director of Cryptocurrency Trading

With +10 years trading various assets, Sam knows the markets. He's your go to guide on tapping into the charts and finding those unique setups across the crypto market that a majority of traders miss.

No commitment. Two week $7 trial renewing at $147/month