Intro To Simpler Tech

2018-09-11 | Allison Ostrander

Throughout the years we’ve been teaching people how to trade. During that time, we discovered one underlying hurdle that many face: technology. The concerns and questions around this topic vary from more basic information about computer hardware or browser support, to more in depth information on trading tools and charting platforms. As time has passed, this concern continues to remain constant throughout our community.

That’s why we created Simpler Tech.

Simpler Tech is a free service included in the Simpler Foundation membership. It’s designed to help eliminate technological hurdles we face as traders. In these segments, our trader tech professionals will dive into all your technical questions, needs, and concerns as it relates to trading.

In this post, I’ll dive into the different sections Simpler Tech tackles, and how it’ll help get you on the right foot to start your trading journey.

Trading Computer Setup

First things first, your computer. It’ll be hard to trade or chart without one. Most computers with internet access will allow you to trade, but with the live data streaming through on your trading platforms and charts, you may want to dive into hardware that can keep up. In this section we’ll go through more of those technical specs that you want to look for. We’ll discuss premade computers, as well as ways to build your own. We’ll address the reasoning behind multiple monitors, and any other questions you may have surrounding this topic. Once your trading computer is setup, you can truly start your journey.

Browser Support

One question that constantly pops up is what browser works best for their trading platforms or our website. Whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, or one of the many others: we’ll walk through the different ones out there (along with the pros and cons). In this section we’ll also dive into how to clear your cache and cookies, as well as other solutions to problems you may come across with your browser.

Website/Chatroom Support

This section of Simpler Tech will guide you through our website, and how you can access all the features available to you. We’ll also dive into how to use the trading chatroom where you can converse with our traders and other members. This is a great community to join on your trading journey, and we’ll show you how to take full advantage of the features.

Mobile App

As technology grows, we at Simpler Trading like to keep up. We’ve recently launched our Simpler Trading App. In this section we will go through how to set it up plus all the features available on it. This way even if you’re on the go, you can keep up with the trade alerts and what’s happening in the Simpler Trading community.


Online security is important to keep not only keep you safe but also your information and accounts. Simpler Tech will walk through different ways to keep your account and online activity safe. We’ll discuss security when working from home verse traveling and being on the go. We’ll also dive into how to create secure passwords and understanding safeguards for protecting your online self.

Trading Platform

Once you’ve tackled the broader case of technology, the next step is understanding your trading platform. In this section, Simpler Tech will walk through the different trading platforms our traders use. We’ll walk through an overview of the platform, as well as go more in depth like how to read the options chain and placing a trade.

Indicator/Charting Platform

This is one of the staples for any successful trader, and we’re eager to help you understand some of the technicals so you can set yourself up for success. Here we’ll discuss how to setup indicators, whether if it’s one provided on your platform, or one you purchased from our store. We’ll also go over some of the charting platform features our traders use, so you can learn how to follow along and set up your own charts to line up with your trading plan

Simpler Tech is also always open to address and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also enable you to directly send us your questions from our website. This in turn will allow us to create content answering your questions and making it available to anyone else who may have been wondering the same thing.

We at Simpler Trading believe if you can get past this first hurdle of your trading journey, you’ll easily be able to jump over the rest. By introducing Simpler Tech we hope to make present this material in bite size chunks, so it allows you to easily digest the material and quickly move onto your trading.