RIAs and Brokers

As a Registered Investment Advisor or Broker, your clients look to you for several things:

  • Increased Income
  • Risk Management
  • Better Returns
  • Portfolio Protection

Simpler Trading Institutional Services can help you provide your clients with what they want while helping you grow your business and revenue. With our services, you can add differentiated value to your client base, growing your business and your bottom line.

Our tools and training will help you:
  • Generate income from existing stock positions using covered calls
  • Use cash-secured puts to
    • Collect the volatility risk premium
    • Create an income stream while entering new positions
  • Effectively hedge long stock or ETF positions
  • Create collars to hedge concentrated positions
  • Get the training you need to effectively help your clients

The use of options is the fastest growing segment of the business. RIAs and Brokers that want to keep and attract assets are at a disadvantage if they do not get the education and tools to add options to their portfolio mix. The addition of appropriate option strategies can reduce portfolio volatility and increase income. You add value to your clients while adding value to your business.

We offer specific services that cater to higher net worth clients that are looking for more sophisticated portfolio management. Our BIAS Portfolio Margining targets portfolios of at least $200,000. It uses covered calls, cash-secured puts, as well as more advanced income generation strategies such as iron condors, calendars and butterfly spreads. It can add limited risk income and hedging opportunities for your clients while helping you to attract more sophisticated clients and increase your revenue.

Want to Learn More?
To learn more about Simpler Trading Institutional Services, please send us an email to support@simplertrading.com.