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What Can You Expect From The Simpler Trading Scanner Subscription?

Not only do you get custom Weekly Scans, Daily Scans, and Intraday Scans to meet your unique trading style...you'll also get scans for signals from some of our favorite proprietary indicators. For example, the ST Scanner applies the Squeeze, filters the stocks with just the right set up criteria, & identifies the stocks that have a high enough volume to look interesting.

Proprietary Scans Included:

  • Intraday Scans: Updates at 30 minute intervals & the daily scans update nightly to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • Nested Squeeze: This is one of John Carter’s favorite setups. It took years to custom program this proprietary scan. John has found that squeezes can be up to 90% accurate. Now it’s possible to quickly and easily scan for this rare and powerful setup on thousands of stocks.
  • Multi-Time Frame Analysis (MTFA): The MTFA indicator identifies when momentum lines up in the same direction on multiple timeframes. With this scan you can now find stocks in potentially strong trending moves with a single snapshot.
  • Ready. Aim. Fire!®: Now it’s possible to scan for signals from one of our most used timing tools. The Ready. Aim. Fire!® Indicator took over 5 years to develop and you can identify amazingly accurate opportunities for trading reversals.
  • Voodoo Lines®: It’s even possible to scan for popular VooDoo Lines®, which uses David Starr’s proprietary Fibonacci analysis and Elliott Wave formula to find significant areas of support and resistance.
  • 10X Scans: Quickly sort for stocks that have strong momentum. Our traders use this scan to identify opportunities to piggyback on institutional order flow. The goal is to know when to go with strong market conviction and when it's time to GTFO (Get the Funds Out).

Why Become a Member?

Trading can be overwhelming, especially when you can’t watch the market full time. That’s why having our ‘smart scans’ is so critical. You'll save time, energy, and frustration when you no longer have to manually search dozens of charts for trading ideas. Our proprietary scans have been developed over several years to help our expert traders find their favorite setups in real-time.


It doesn't matter if you use Think or Swim, TradeStation, or any other platform to trade...

All you need is an internet browser for this scanner to work. No platform needed!

Watch this video for a short explanation on how to use this awesome tool.


The Simpler Trading Scanner Scours 1000’s of Stocks, ETFs and even Indexes for the Best Setups...

This unique tool scans the entire universe of stocks and applies our fundamental criteria, including John's "growth stock checklist" to find the best stocks in the top 10 growth industries. It also looks through a small group of stocks that have already met a strict fundamental filter.


See What Our Trading Professionals Think of the Scanner:

"The MTFA is one of the fastest ways to review current setups on my favorite stocks. It alerts me to signals that are just starting to form, as well as places that offer immediate opportunity. Mobile friendly and platform agnostic, it's an excellent tool for any trader."

- Henry Gambell, VP of Simpler Trading

"The time when my trading really started to improve was when I began using the scanner. Why? Because it allowed me to quickly search the markets for specific setups outlined within each scan, and marry those ideas with technical analysis and trade setups that fit my personal trading plan. This tool is key in my nightly research, and a large percentage of trades I take come from it. Using the scanner to do my nightly prep allows me to jump on trades quickly that trigger during market hours."

-Danielle Shay, Director of Options Trading

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