The Road Map In AAPL

Let’s review the road map we created for AAPL on Monday. It has followed the map so far, so let’s see what it says to watch for from here.

Two Trades For Tomorrow

Henry Gambell Options Daily Video

Friday is the November monthly expiration. I’ve got two trades for you to consider around it. Possibly 3 if you’d like a little risk over the weekend.

Same Plan, Part II

Neil Yeager Futures

Opened and closed all about the same today and at our line in the sand. What do we do with that? Best I can come up with is to carry the same plan forward to tomorrow.

To The Moon!

Bruce Marshall Options Daily Video

We review this week’s market action after the CPI and PPI data and talk about the crazy moves higher we have been having. The charts and momentum say to stick to the side of the Bulls and the overall market sentiment is definitely Bullish. Are we setting up for even more upside and a Santa Rally or are we setting up for a big disappointment?

ES Plan For Tomorrow

Neil Yeager Futures

WMT reports tomorrow and that might prove interesting in front of the OPEX this Friday. Tonight I’ll lay out a plan for how I plan to approach things in tomorrow’s session.

The Path That Led To Here

Henry Gambell Fibonacci daily

We started covering a few different themes last week, from how to look at the pullback on the 9th to the potential of strength from CPI yesterday. Most of this has worked well, and now it’s just the question of where to go from here.

Buy the Dip. Here’s How.

Raghee Simpler Futures

The relative performance in the NASDAQ and semis now has even more company with the S&P and financials. After long positions triggered last week in QQQ and SMH, here’s the next round of buy the dips on the radar.

Another Day, Another Short Squeeze

Chris Brecher Chart Patterns Mastery video

After a tame CPI report, bonds took off and the shorts scrambled to cover equity short positions. Usually, these blow-offs take a few days to stop going up, but the expiring of VIX options tonight might help weaken markets tomorrow.

That's as far as you can go!