Tammy Fibonacci

Update on ES. 5/7/2021

We still haven’t made overall extensions of the most recent sing… look for smaller time frame pullbacks since the 8 has crossed back over the 34.

Henry Gambell Options Daily Video

The Best Advice is Basic

Stocks have seen some tumultuous trading this week, but Thursday’s close was upbeat. At the end of the day, the best advice is usually basic and can be found in tonight’s free video.

Bruce Marshall Options Daily Video

So Far, So Good

In this video, we look at the overall market and where the indexes are trading. We have new all time highs in the DOW. We have the Nasdaq looking like it wants to roll over, and the SPX just indifferent. What to make of this and how to trade it?

Raghee Horner Futures Daily Video

Trade This, Not That

As the tech sector drags on the broader averages, where are the bullish trends in this market? (and there are plenty!)