Bruce Marshall Options Daily Video

More Volatility Coming?

In this video, we discuss the wild swings we have had recently and what is causing them. We go over levels in the indices and talk about where we might go.

Raghee Horner Futures Daily Video

Directional Bias and Parabolic Markets

The high probability trade has been long since the first Tuesday of November. I explain how I determine this as well as sticking with the long side of the market with my daytrades.

How to Trade Amazon with Butterflies

The FAANGs came back to life today, which has me eyeing some directional trades into the end of the year in these names. Let’s look at Amazon, and I’ll explain how I set up butterflies using my signature ‘Stacked Profits’ strategy.

Raghee Horner Futures Daily Video

Fading Powell Weakness

Tomorrow, like today, we may have another chance to “fade” the rally into the testimony. Keep in mind, though, the market often sells off AFTER the event, so stay on your toes. Today’s fade produced a decent trade in YM, but a great one in NQ.