Chandler Horton, daily Options

Up Up & Away

With the market doing another dip followed up by a monster rip for ATH, we need to be patient at these levels leading into big tech earnings. The market has continued to melt higher so I am ready for more upside but have to manage risk the higher we go. As of now, earnings are being rewarded with good reactions. If this upcoming earnings schedule delivers good results, the market could easily continue its bull run. If somebody big disappoints, I’ll be looking for another reversion to the mean.

Henry Gambell Options Daily Video

2 Stocks With 2 Strategies

In tonight’s free video we’re looking at the potential for a directional move in TWLO, and one way you might consider playing volatility in ROKU.

Raghee Horner Futures Daily Video

Hitting Singles and Doubles in Daytrades

As the NASDAQ reaches towards all-time-highs once again and the potential for volatility increases as price nears 14950-15000, the focus is still long using short term daytrades respecting that if sellers are waiting they are lurking just behind the corner.