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Wild OpEx

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Sam Shames Options Daily

To Trap Or Not To Trap?

Crashy price action ends the week with a notable turnaround at key levels. Will it be enough to stem the bleed? Let’s define both ranges so we know what to do next week.

Jack Roberts Futures Daily

One Air Bubble At A Time.

In this video I talk about how eventually we are waiting for another opportunity to short the markets down to the 2020 pandemics highs and lows in what could be another nasty Monday.

Catching Up On Gold

On Monday we discussed why Gold was at a level where it might bounce and it is, indeed, up from those levels. Let’s check back in and review what we need to see in order to think it might continue.

Henry Gambell Options Daily Video

The Path of Least Resistance

With no better bounce than Thursday the path of least resistance is still lower. There’s always the chance of a short covering rally, but until price ignites that move, I’ll be looking for bearish extensions.

Raghee Simpler Futures

Tighten Up Your Timeframe

In the current market of follow-through and volatility, tightening the timeframe of our trade is a path to avoiding much of this. In this update, I deep dive daytrades from today and explain how and why these were valid trades and setups.