Are We There Yet?

Neil Yeager Futures

Sounds like the kids in the back seat on a road trip but in this case I’m talking about the bears. Have they gotten their fill? I say no and there’s more yet to go tomorrow. Let’s talk through it in tonight’s update.

Sitting On The Wall

Henry Gambell Options Daily Video

With so much notional value in the derivatives market of megacap stocks we’ve got to spend some time considering the options complex underlying them. What does that actually mean? Let’s break it down in tonight’s review.

FED Day Action and Reaction

Bruce Marshall Options Daily Video

In this video, we review today’s market action after the FED Meeting. The FED kept rates unchanged as expected, but the press conference with Powell afterwards didn’t instill confidence in the market. Today’s FED meeting was supposed to give us a little more clarity, but so far, we are not getting it. How do we trade this crazy market?

Powell Delivers

Neil Yeager Futures

Bears took the Bulls by the horns today. Out the woodshed they went. What’s next? Let’s take a look and see what kind of a plan we can come up with.

Still the Best Way to Gauge Sentiment

Henry Gambell Fibonacci daily

We’ve discussed the put/call ratio in these videos before. Today was another great example of why I like using it, in this case from a day trading perspective.

Finding Clarity In Chop

Raghee Simpler Futures

While we always like to see trends continues that’s just not the market we have right now. The environment is very tradeable, however, as long as we think daytrading and keep our levels crystal clear.

/ZB Better Start Rallying

Chris Brecher Chart Patterns Mastery video

With the bond market still getting spanked, stocks still have had much of a sell-off. But if bonds have another leg down, equity markets could tumble to the June lows.


Neil Yeager Futures

It all starts Wednesday of this week. Yes, today was boring and tomorrow may well be more of the same. Get ready for game day Wed and Thursday of this week as that’s when it starts to matter.

New Levels To Watch In Bonds

A new update to Voodoo Lines has given us updated levels in U.S. Treasury futures for the first time in several decades. Let’s look at what these new levels are telling us to look at.

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