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Allison Options daily video

How to Trade SPX during Thanksgiving

In this video, I discuss the action we typically see in the market during the holiday week as well as when SPX attempts to break above the 100 SMA after being in a bearish trend. I also walk through two different trade ideas to consider given the chart analysis.

Neil Yeager Futures

Coiling for the next move

Sideways yet again. All roads seem to still lead to 3960 ES as they have for over a week. Tonight we will try to make sense of the next leg and which way that may be, but for now it’s just more of the same.

Henry Gambell Fibonacci daily

What Cleaning Fee?

AirBnB has been an interesting company to study for the past few years, and while I don’t know what the future holds, it seems users may be getting a bit tired of the long list of fees associated with booking. All opinions aside, let’s check the chart and see what it might be suggesting for the first quarter of 2023.