The Power of the Nested Squeeze

2023-05-31 / Taylor Horton

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Nested squeezes have lead to some of the bigger moves in the market as of late, with the $SPX still coiled across multiple time frames. Let’s discuss how to gauge whether these squeezes lean bullish or bearish.

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Taylor Horton

Taylor’s philosophy in life, as well as in trading, is Kobe Bryant’s “Mamba Mentality”. This is the belief that life is a constant quest to be the best version of oneself. He combines this belief with the thought that trading is very psychological in nature, and that in order to master trading one must apply the following concepts: consistency, discipline, and patience. Taylor is also a strong proponent of separating oneself from the money. He believes a trader should focus less on the profits and more on the process that leads to the profits. Profits are simply a byproduct of good trading!

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