Under the Sea

Under the Sea

When one ventures down to the ocean floor, what does one see? Maybe an octopus, some really rad neon fish, the occasional shark, definitely a coral reef or two. Maybe a mermaid if you’ve been drinking the sea water. Mainly the idea is that everything is pretty much living in synchronicity, a certain harmony if you will.

How to Play this Earnings Season

As earnings season starts off, many traders are wondering just how to trade it in this pandemic. We have experienced the most dramatic monthly range that we have seen in the last twenty years due to Oil and the Coronavirus and it put a halt to many countries’ local economies.


Are you Ready for Trading Education?

How do you know when you’re ready to receive a trading education or work with a trading coach or mentor? There’s no one right answer, but take a look at these questions and ask yourself how you rate in these areas Have you achieved consistency yet? Do you have a trading plan? Do you actually … Read more

Rubicon Crossed

Rubicon Crossed

The real cause of the market volatility is the firing of the bond market signal we noticed in October.

We are now on the other side of the signal – the Rubicon has been crossed.


Know Thyself

When folks talk about trading they may think of a couple of things – charts, company earnings, fundamentals and research, technical indicators, etc.… however, one aspect of trading that is chronically under-appreciated is the psychology of trading.