Henry Gambell, VP of Simpler Trading


Tilt Odds in Your Favor with this ‘High Probability Lotto Ticket’

Strategy Session: Thursday, February 15th from 5-8 PM CST
Live Tutorial Session: Friday, February 16th from 2-3 PM CST

Finally, a step-by-step training on Henry Gambell’s powerful Unbalanced Butterfly Strategy.    

This little-known strategy offers an almost unfair advantage over the traditional Butterfly setup. If you want high probability weekly options income with the potential for windfall gains, this strategy is designed to stack the odds way in your favor.

For the first time, Henry reveals exactly how and when he uses the Unbalanced Butterfly...

In this Exclusive Training You’ll Discover:

How the Unbalanced Butterfly rigs the odds in your favor so that you can profit even in a highly volatile market (Just like Henry’s recent winners in AMZN, GOOGL, and APPL during the largest single point drop in Dow history)

How to trade Unbalanced Flys like ‘High Probability Lotto Ticket’ so that you lock in steady gains while potentially hitting home runs, too

How to set up your position so that you start with a credit and then just scale out to lock in your gains (even when you're dead wrong)

How to exploit this strategy to win over and over again (it's like having an ace up your sleeve!)


How to actively trade Unbalanced Flys even if you can’t watch the market during the day (Potentially generate steady income almost on ‘autopilot’)

Learn advanced ‘in the trenches’ secrets on how to maximize profits while minimizing risk (and rookie mistakes you can easily avoid when you follow my simple checklist)

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Discover exactly how Henry Gambell trades Unbalanced Butterflys to exploit short term option income opportunities with strictly limited risk



February 15th from 5PM - 8PM CST

Discover Henry Gambell’s Unbalanced Butterfly Blueprint

Be Among the First to Get this Exclusive Step-by-Step Training

Know Exactly When to Use this Strategy (and When NOT to)

Downloadable Class Recordings

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Strategy: February 15th @ 5PM CST

Live Trading: February 16th @ 2PM CST

Watch Henry Demonstrate How to Look for Unbalanced Butterfly’s in Real-Time

Apply everything you just learned in the strategy class and take your trading to the next level

Ask Questions and Take Full Advantage of this Interactive Session

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Strategy: February 15th @ 5PM CST

Live Trading: February 16th @ 2PM CST

Live Mentorship: March 25th - 27th

Join John Carter and Special Guests for Exclusive In-person Live-Trading Event in Austin, Texas

Includes Strategy & Live-Trading Sessions

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