Time On Your Side …

Many traders only focus on the PRICE analysis of the market.  I do a ton of price analysis using the Fibonacci ratios on multiple markets every day.  What many miss however, is that you can also refine TIMING of the market by using the same Fibonacci ratios used on the price axis of the market … Read more

TLP’s Market Thoughts For Today

One week ago December Non-Farm Payrolls were released at +292,000.  Revisions for October and November were +50,000.  The 30-year bond future (ZBH) traded to a low of 15414. Five trading days later a flight to quality bid has returned to ZBH and this market is five full points higher.  When flight to quality buying artificially … Read more

5 Rules For Trading Monthly Expiration

As options traders there is 1 day out of the month that usually carries a bit more weight than others, monthly expiration. This is the 3rd Friday of every month and tends to get trader’s attention as contracts in this series either have to be closed or rolled to a further dated expiration. That’s typically … Read more