Earnings Trades, Anyone?

The market has been brutal to trade since the first of the year and to make things more interesting, we have now started earnings season. This typically gives us more volatility, but also gives us opportunities to trade the actual earnings releases or to trading around earnings. There are many things to consider when trading … Read more

Got Symmetry?

Over a week ago I posted a video of a trade setup via Twitter on $GLD.  Since I saw a pattern shift to higher highs and lows since the December 2015 low was made, I wanted to set up a pullback for a buy entry.  I was able to identify two key price support zones. … Read more

A Look At $AAPL Into Earnings

This Tuesday, January 26th, Apple Inc. is set to report earnings after the market close. Earnings are interesting to me in that they seem to be one of the reasons trader’s will use to abandon all logic and instead adopt a view based on personal conviction. Apple is a prime example of that with a … Read more

Time On Your Side …

Many traders only focus on the PRICE analysis of the market.  I do a ton of price analysis using the Fibonacci ratios on multiple markets every day.  What many miss however, is that you can also refine TIMING of the market by using the same Fibonacci ratios used on the price axis of the market … Read more