Entering Trades Using Trade Alerts

Entering Trades Using Trade Alerts

Learning New Strategies Even if you’ve been trading options for years, branching out into more complex option strategies can be daunting. In order to make use of our text and trade alerts, we want to make sure they make sense. The following examples include explanations of buying long options, as well as entering into credit … Read more

Chang Color Scheme feature

Custom Chart Appearance In Thinkorswim®

Updated 1/25/2022 In this post: How to change the thinkorswim background color? How to change thinkorswim colors? How to customize the thinkorswim trendline? I get asked often enough about how I set up the color schemes on my charts that I thought I’d create a quick guide for the process. The default black background color … Read more


Trading Computer Specs Tips

In this post: How old is my current trading computer? How much RAM do you need in a trading computer? What’s a good motherboard for a trading computer? My current trading computer is about four years old. There’s no reason to tempt fate and see just how long it can last – it is time … Read more