Trading In Volatile Times


Alexis Brown

Nov 02nd 2018  .  2 min read

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With a volatile October coming to a close, Danielle Shay Gum appeared on “Boom Bust” alongside Adam Mesh on November 1st to recap the month and look ahead.

The talk of the town this week? A crazy Monday with the Dow all over the place — going from up a few hundred to down several hundred. So where does that leave October as a whole (and the longs)?

On top of it being earnings season, there’s been plenty of uncertainty in the market going into the beginning of November — especially with the VIX.

Danielle hasn’t been all that surprised at the volatility, however. Given historically October is always a bit of a wacky month, and as she pointed out, it hasn’t shown the same pattern as the intense correction from this February. This February the VIX had scary spikes, while October fell just shy.

She also took the time to discuss several stock tickers like AAPL, GM, BP, RYDAF/RDS.A, K, EADSY, BA, TGT, and PYPL.

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