Chances are, you’re learning to trade or have been trading on your own for a while. Maybe you’re at the point where you realize that the difference between traders who make it and those who don’t is having an edge. The real question is, where can a trader find the edge that dramatically increases the probability of success? 

It’s simple, really, or “Simpler.” 

Simpler Trading recognizes the value of a live trading room, a robust community of traders, and its effect on traders. Simpler Trading created one of the first live trading rooms and has successfully helped thousands of traders learn advanced option trading strategies. After building on one of the largest, most successful online trading communities, we noticed an opportunity. 

The team at Simpler Trading knows that getting down the basics is essential to successful trading. Our traders agree that classes, where traders can learn or study the essential elements should be free.

After much effort and organization, now, they are. The Simpler Free Trading Room is available to traders who want to learn the basics, like, “What are the best charts to use when trading options” or “What are the best indicators for day trading.” Our expert traders will answer YOUR questions in the room. 

Although there are mastery classes and trading rooms of all styles for traders, the Simpler Free Trading Room is a free trading education room.

It’s simple to sign up by entering your email address. Simply go to and click the “Join Free Trading Room” button.

Inside the Free Trading Room

Our expert traders provide live market analysis education in the Free Trading Room. Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to watch the sessions live, they are recorded so you can watch them later. This way, you don’t miss anything.

What’s inside the free trading room? 

The trading room isn’t just another podcast for traders. This is a market analysis and trading education class that is streamed in real-time. Each week the content is carefully curated based on the feedback we get from our members. You ask for it, and we deliver.

Simpler Traders cover essential topics and offer features such as:

  • Options trading
  • Futures
  • Day Trading with live analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • How to set up indicators
  • What charts to use
  • What time frames to use

Our team of expert traders has more than a century of combined experience. What does that mean for you? You’ll be able to benefit from their years of experience and lessons learned. 

 Should you need to ask a question, the presenting team member is available to assist traders looking for insight into strategies and setups.

The topics vary, but our team will provide you with sessions that cover strategy setups, technical analysis, and current market analysis.

The trades and setups our traders add to their watch list are designed to help you understand the current market movement and trends. Attending traders can request topics for our expert traders to cover from the Free Trading Room Dashboard.

Meet the Simpler Trading Team

Our traders come from varying backgrounds. When new members join the free trading room, they often find a particular trading style more or less appealing.

It’s possible to see any of our traders in the Free Trading Room anytime. You can access the weekly schedule under your free trading room dashboard if you’re curious about the week’s line-up. 

Members may find it possible to learn unique strategies and market insights from each Simpler Trading expert. A few of the traders from the Simpler team that you might find presenting on any given day are:

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks, is a stock trading expert. He is a teacher and mentor to traders looking to find their edge in stock trading. He uses the Moxie Indicator he developed to track and analyze the market’s movements.

As a stock trader, TG keeps his rules simple: know what works for you and stick to it. There is no need to be extra fancy or be able to trade every style; focus on setups that really speak clearly to you.

Allison Ostrander is our Director of Risk Tolerance. Allison’s unique view of how to look at capital risk, charts, and the option chain can give any trader a new perspective on swing trading.

Allison’s profit recycling strategy can be used on intraday moves (without triggering the day trade rule) and with longer-term swing trades. This strategy allows Allison to help protect her capital while setting up future trades.

Kody Ashmore serves as Director of Weekly Options Strategies for Simpler Trading. Kody’s primary goal is to generate weekly income for a source. He seeks to actively pay himself weekly while using appropriate risk-management strategies.

Kody prefers to have three to five trades at a time in a rolling two-week period. In an environment where anything is possible, Kody is disciplined with his entries and position size. Taking a trade that follows a trending market allows Kody to increase his chances of profitability. 

It’s important to note that while most other services offer ‘hypothetical’ trades and theories, Simpler traders share actual market insight with you in real-time. 

Like you, they have their own money on the line. It’s not uncommon for new members to tell us they wish they’d found our traders sooner. 

No Better Time Than Today

We get it. Trading as a whole can be overwhelming. There is a never-ending supply of information. 

One of the best ways to approach learning a complex subject is by breaking it down into bite-sized pieces. 

Our Free Trading Room does just that. 

Valuable, actionable information is at your fingertips from traders with decades of experience. They realize that we all have to start somewhere. 

The Simpler Trading team ensures that all sessions are recorded for you to watch at your convenience. 

After you become a member of The Free Trading Room, you’ll have access to previous records, so you don’t miss a thing! These archived streams are conveniently located under your member dashboard. 

Want to steam The Free Trading Room on your mobile device?

The trading room can just as quickly be watched on mobile devices. The Simpler Trading app makes it possible to watch or listen from anywhere.

Trade the Market We’re In

Sometimes traders can hesitate to get involved with a testy or volatile market. Having an adaptive approach to trading the markets is crucial. 

The traders at Simpler develop strategies that allow them to trade the market we’re in – not the one we’re waiting for.

This is why trading with mentors, understanding the technical analysis tools and knowing the market environment you are currently trading is how traders keep their heads in the game.

Whether a trader starts their journey in a bear or a bull market – both upward and downward movements have strategies that can be applied to trades.

In our free live trading room, traders gain access to our panel of expert traders who analyze the markets in real-time. This includes Options, Futures, Stocks, and more.

Final Step to Trading – Get a Dog

Well, it certainly isn’t a requirement…

But having a furry compadre to bounce ideas off of does seem to be a running theme at Simpler Trading. Our traders have Dogs, Cats, and Squirrels too. Members who join the Simpler Trading family become just that, family. Our community has developed into a worldwide group of traders with one common goal: learning how to master the trade. 

This rich environment is one of learning, collaboration, and communication. Each Simpler Trader has their own unique style of trading and communicating. 

There’s a good chance you’ll find a trader that matches your trading style. 

Risks Associated With Trading

It’s important to remember that trading is inherently risky. 

While we don’t suggest taking trading suggestions from your best canine friend, we do know that having a trading mentor can significantly decrease the probability of you taking risky trades and blowing out your account. 

You don’t have to go at it alone. Leverage Simpler’s community and experience to help take your trading journey to the next level. When you decide you’re ready to sign up, go to and join the Free Trading Room.

Come join the Simpler family and access 200-plus years of combined trading knowledge.


Q: Can I use a mobile phone to join the live trading room?

A: Absolutely. Just download the Simpler Trading app from the Apple or Google store and enter the Free Trading Room from anywhere you can access mobile data or WiFi.

Q: How many types of trading should I learn before I place my first trade?

A: Traders just starting out can start trading with simple strategies and build as they go. Finding the trading style that works best for you is part of your journey. More straightforward Trading offers different asset classes for you to explore.

Q: Do I have to be an options trader to benefit from Simpler Trading?

A: You do not. Stock traders will find trader TG Watkins, Director of Stocks, a helpful asset when discovering strategies they can use. TG developed and used the Moxie Indicator for his trades. We also have a whole team of expert futures traders.