Call vs Put Options Explained

Options are one of the most popular trading strategies on the market, and for good reason, options can offer traders a safety net within their trades. And, if you know anything about the market you’ll understand that is a rare thing. So, let’s get into what options are and the different types you may encounter … Read more

Using EMA in Your Trading Strategy

Using EMA in Your Trading Strategy

Every trade setup I make starts with checking out exponential moving average (EMA) lines on my charts. In my 10+ years of trading, I have come across a multitude of tools as I strive to improve my trading every day and refine my strategy. Some tools don’t make the cut, while others have become vital … Read more

How to Improve Your Trading Discipline

When I embarked on my journey to become a full-time trader, I was fully unaware that I was really embarking on a self improvement journey. Many folks, myself included, are drawn to the markets because of the unmatched financial potential they have to offer and may not realize what they’re truly in for.  What I’ve … Read more

Credit Spread Trading Strategies

My trading changed for the better when I committed to making option credit spreads my primary focus. Though they can be complicated on the surface, trading credit spreads can be a consistent and low-stress way of seeing trading results. After years of struggling with other strategies, learning how to sell options allowed me to carve … Read more

Tech or Nothing

In this post: What have been the trends in the tech, energy, financials and transport sectors recently? What is the time to scale down in position-sizing on long positions? How fast can the markets revert to the mean when they are trading at the 3+ ATR extensions? Over the last few weeks, the markets have … Read more

One More Push to New Highs?

The summer is quickly approaching, which can often be a time where the markets are sloppy at best. However, there are a handful of reasons to believe the market is setting up for another push into new highs over the next 1-2 weeks. With bullish trends fully intact on the weekly charts, both the $SPY … Read more

Weekly vs. Daily

Right now, it’s a “weekly charts versus daily charts” type of market. After a few weeks of solid momentum, we have found ourselves in a situation where many daily charts are extended, trading well above 2+ ATR from their 21EMA. Generally this points toward an increasing probability of a pull back to the 21 EMA, … Read more

Sleeping Tech-Giants?

In this post: What are the two tech-giants that have continued to trade sideways? What is the focus of $AMZN & $FB? How many put credit spreads are there for the March monthly expiration? As the market has continued its bullish trend over the last few months, we’ve seen many stocks benefit from this momentum, … Read more