Raghee’s Risk Tolerance

“I love trading and I love traders. It’s what I do and it’s the way I look at the world. My goal every single day is to help traders find their path through the markets to success.” — Raghee Horner  Raghee is an aggressive futures and forex swing trader, who specializes in primarily trend following … Read more

Neil Yeager

Neil’s Charts – His Core Setup

In this post: What is Neil’s main flex grid? What does VOLSPD measure the difference between? What do $TICKs do? An avid futures and options trader, Neil’s chart setup is one that allows him to always have an overall market view, in addition to analyzing each vehicle he is trading. Neil is all about following … Read more

The Best of: Carolyn Borden

In this post: What is Show Me the Money Trading all about? What is the name of Warren Buffet’s favorite setup? How do we look for a ROYAL setup on a daily chart? Show Me the Money Trading is all about learning to recognize the patterns that work. Like Warren Buffet has famously said, “The … Read more