Are You A FOMO Trader?

The fear of missing out (FOMO), is a very common anxiety among humans and it’s especially prevalent in new traders. We have all been taught since an early age to be in the know, be a leader and not a follower and to be first in anything we do. These are all important traits in the business world, but not necessarily in trading. … Read more


Having A Trading Plan

In some previous blogs we have touched on having a trading plan and tracking your trades.  I even included an Excel trade log to use.  You should treat trading the same way you would a business, that you owned.  If you start a business and need to borrow money, the first thing a lending institution … Read more

Gold 2016

In this blog, we are going to discuss gold. Gold prices peaked in September of 2011 and has been in a bearish down trend until the end of 2015. Then gold began the first leg up in January of 2016. Gold futures and GLD, gold ETF, are up 18% since the beginning of 2016. After … Read more

Trading A Small Account – Part 5

In this article, we are going to discuss five things that can cause new traders with small accounts to fail. We will also discuss ways to prevent them from happening to you. Five things that could make you fail as a trader: Lack of Methodology Lack of Discipline Unrealistic Expectations Lack of Patience No Money Management Plan … Read more