Risk On Or Risk Off?

U.S. equity indices have continued higher from February 11th lows and it seems all traders are speculating about when (or whether) the next downtrend will occur. Complicating this question is that many typical correlations seem to be breaking down. Take for example both Treasuries and the Japanese Yen. Both usually trade the opposite direction of … Read more

The Peril Of Celebrating Wins

One of the most memorable characters from my business school days was an organizational behavior professor who loved to call BS on common business platitudes. Anyone who suggested that the solution to any tough problem was to first get “buy in” would immediately hear, “buy in? BUY IN!?!? You want to furlough half the department … Read more

A Gift For A Prosperous New Year

Chinese New Year is upon us and it’s a customary time to give gifts that symbolize prosperity.  Often one will give currency, but for someone special the present sometimes takes the form of gold.  2016 might just be the year to help someone you care about build prosperity with a gift of the yellow precious … Read more