Leggo Your Ego

Simpler Summary Sometimes having a Ego can be signs of a confident and determined individual. Ego can also lead people to having much heartbreak. In trading, the Ego can be seen as a fine balancing game. It is great when a trader has the confidence to read the chart signals to set themselves up for … Read more

Chop Suey

  Simpler Summary Chop, Chop, and more Chop. This week feels like we have been sitting in a Chinese Restaurant with a Chef who only knows how to prepare Chop Suey. Volatility has dropped off this week in the market due to the uncertainty and consolidation. This is also in line with our trading ranges … Read more

Rumor Has It

Simpler Summary

  Simpler Summary In today’s world it is easy for information to flow freely and quickly. This is an amazing jump in progress that the world has made over the last 30 years when compared to life before the internet. For traders, this progress has come with benefits and drawbacks. One of the easiest benefits … Read more

Market Holidays

Simpler Summary - Market Holidays

  Simpler Summary   This week we are greeted with a shortened trading week because of a market holiday tomorrow. Even though we do not have market holidays very often, it is always important to keep them in mind when we do come across one. Often times during a shortened trading week a trader may … Read more