Plan, Search, Trade For Higher Gains

2020-06-18 | Simpler Trading Team

Much of the market isn’t making sense.

And the erratic movement — like this week —won’t stop anytime soon.

The market seems determined to go one direction, then various news reports trigger an opposite reaction.

What Simpler Trading continues to promote is finding your own path in these rough waters.

It’s understandable that there is a lot going on that can affect traders from newcomers to seasoned veterans.

The key is developing plans, strategies, and tools that allow you to adjust “on the move” in this fast-paced, uncertain market.

Even though Simpler offers a variety of training courses, indicators, and scanning services, identifying trading opportunities is always ultimately up to the individual trader.

We teach, and practice, this personalized trading environment. We’ve found great success in developing a community of like-minded traders who work to make all the training “their own.”

It takes discipline and a high degree of personal responsibility to understand how our trading platform operates. While our full-time traders may present a “big trade,” there is always risk of anyone taking that trade ending up on the losing end (same risk our traders face).

Each trader has to decide how deep they want to get into this water.

The key is to use any training and information as a source to develop and trade your own plan.

When thinking of Simpler, consider this:

Where can you find this level of full-time traders and professional support staff trading their own money in the markets every day and making it work?

As this week closes, we’re still staying alert for a pullback sooner than later.

The focus remains on day-to-day, short term moves. Plans can shift hourly or daily from bearish to bullish, and back again.

We Saw: another day of markets in conflict — 

  • Questions of president hinting at dumping China
  • Dow stumbles, Nasdaq and S&P 500 squeak into positive
  • Oil looking stronger

We’re Watching: … for signals of a pullback —

  • Plans to be flat into the weekend
  • Gaps and swings for momentum trades
  • Quick setups?: JPM, PTON, TSLA, ROKU, SPOT

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