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Flat In Cash Is Fine On Dicey Friday

March 20, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team With wild, uncertain activity in the markets on a Friday, sitting back and watching the action … Read more

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Does Green Mean ‘Go’ In Bear Market?

March 19, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Green has been a bright and cheery color this week following St. Patrick’s Day and market … Read more

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Be Nimble In Historic Down Market

March 18, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Be nimble and stay in cash is the mantra of moderators at Simpler Trading as the … Read more

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Track Trades In Scary Bear Market

March 17, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team When a bear market is on the prowl it can be a fast-moving and exciting time … Read more

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Waves Of Selling Pound Markets

March 16, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Bad news seemed to come in waves on Monday along with frantic selling as the markets … Read more

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Did Bear Market Roll Over For A Nap?

March 13, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Following the historic market plummet on Thursday, indexes roared to the upside on Friday for the … Read more

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Bull Market Dies, Bear Market Rises

March 12, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team As the markets cratered, traders were fondly remembering the good old days of “watching the paint … Read more

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Pandemic Panic Spurs Bear Market

March 11, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team There was nowhere to hide Wednesday as most every sector was selling off during an historic … Read more

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Up, Up, And… Here We Go Again

March 10, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team The roller coaster market continued Tuesday as bulls tried their best and the Dow halved its … Read more

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