Carolyn’s Charts & Setups

Understanding Carolyn’s Charts & Setups

Her Fibonacci Levels are a combination of the following: Fibonacci Extensions These are shown by green lines that are labeled ‘EX Ret 1.272, EX Ret 1.618, and EX Ret 2.1618.’ Fibonacci retracements These are shown by the blue lines ‘Ret 0.382, Ret 0.50, Ret. 0.786.’ The 0.618 retracement is shown by a single purple line … Read more

The Best of: Carolyn Borden

Show Me the Money Trading is all about learning to recognize the patterns that work. Like Warren Buffet has famously said, “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Sitting on your hands, and waiting until high probability moments in time appear, are what this game is all … Read more

Henry Gambell’s Strategy Selection Risk Gauge

Henry Gambell’s Strategy Selection Risk Gauge

Henry is a conservative trader, who specializes in creating a constant stream of income for himself, as well as making aggressive, directional plays when the situation presents itself. This is his overall theme when making decisions about strategies and position sizing. What kind of trader are you? Henry’s aggression level in any singular trade is … Read more

Henry Gambell

Henry’s Charts – His Core Setups

For the most part, Henry uses the same core setup. He has found a great combination of tools that he likes, and he sticks with it. Those tools are always complemented by his Fibonacci work, and overall market analysis. Continue reading to learn about his favorite tools that assist him in his day to day … Read more