Timing The Market

When many market analysts talk about “timing” the market, they are typically talking about timing market entries and exits using their “PRICE axis” analysis. I do apply the Fibonacci ratios on the price axis of the markets all the time, and find this rather valuable. I also time market entries using the actual TIME axis … Read more


Real Trading Requires Skill

I live in a rural area of New England and often have trouble explaining exactly what I do as an options trader. Sometimes I think I should just make something up, but I realized that the closest I could probably come to someone with no reference point could be online poker player. Now some of … Read more



This blog is the first in a series intended to demonstrate how real clients of Simpler Trading utilize the knowledge of the various traders on our team, and combine it with their own style, to successfully create their own trading path. With these stories, we intend to inspire traders, both seasoned and new alike, by … Read more


Don’t Be A Turkey

Many investors assume that risk and volatility are really the same thing. There is, however, a very important distinction and one that should not be overlooked. Jack Schwager is renowned for his Market Wizard books, and his newest addition, Hedge Fund Market Wizards contains a number of interesting conversations around this idea of risk versus … Read more


AAPL Part Deux

Many of you have seen my Apple Inc (AAPL) work on the “Off the Charts” segment of Mad Money. Many traders thought I was a little crazy putting out an upside target at the 146 area. Note that this bigger picture target is based off the May 2016 lows. If the larger pattern from the … Read more