Having A Trading Plan

In some previous blogs we have touched on having a trading plan and tracking your trades.  I even included an Excel trade log to use.  You should treat trading the same way you would a business, that you owned.  If you start a business and need to borrow money, the first thing a lending institution … Read more

Gold 2016

In this blog, we are going to discuss gold. Gold prices peaked in September of 2011 and has been in a bearish down trend until the end of 2015. Then gold began the first leg up in January of 2016. Gold futures and GLD, gold ETF, are up 18% since the beginning of 2016. After … Read more


So You Want To Be A Bond Market Bull?

After watching the Tuesday morning trade, in my mind nothing has changed…With the exception of course that the bond market (ZBM) is almost a full point lower from Monday’s close. As anticipated, the Europeans passed the bearish treasury baton over to the Yanks and for two consecutive days the Yanks did not disappoint. I would … Read more

What’s Next For The U.S. Dollar?

A question on the tip of many traders’ tongues. No doubt. We can talk of “rogue” Fed Members whose name is not Janet Yellen pushing a hawkish message. In the end, it’s only her words that should truly matter. There are three charts to watch that paint a clear picture of the direction of rates. While … Read more


Timing And Deep Pockets

I left the trading pits in 2002 and quickly realized screen trading was a different animal. My goal was to go from scalping the markets to a trader looking for bigger moves. I designed a trading system based predominantly on market divergences. This is what I call computer trading at its finest. Computer trading takes … Read more