TG Watkins

Director of Stocks


“Trading is the process of finding your path and the discipline to stay on it.”

Who is TG?

Many traders have been to a stock seminar, trade show, or investment presentation (after all, we host one here at Simpler). But have you ever seen a 12-year old in the audience? More than likely, not.

Over 20 years ago, TG Watkins was that 12-year old with his dad in the audience of a two-day stock trading seminar learning how to use the software that was being presented. Even though the presentation was mostly over his head, he knew that this type of knowledge would be important someday. As a result, he was hooked.

Then came the daily routine of sitting down with his dad after work, looking at the stock market, and working together to manage his positions. They continued to go to local stock seminars to acquire advice and exposure from seasoned traders.

After graduating with his engineering degree, TG set off to earn his Series 6 and 63 licenses, and then started his career as a financial advisor with New York Life. It was here that his knowledge about the financial industry really exploded. New York Life had an excellent and rigorous training program to make sure their advisors knew the products and the market inside and out. His exposure to the countless types of people and businesses that he worked with during his time there gave him a wide view of the world we live in. This exposure and worldview would later turn into one of his strengths and be a huge benefit to his trading game. After a few years of gaining the real life experience he was looking for while being an advisor, TG decided to get back into stock trading. Getting back into the game meant finding some mentors to learn from now that he was looking to tackle trading full-time as income. Fortunately, while at another seminar with his dad, TG found the right group of knowledgeable and caring experts to guide him through the first steps of sharing his trading knowledge. They saw his potential when he was developing his own indicator, which would later be known as the Moxie Indicator, and set him off on a course of helping other traders.

TG was running his own trading education service known as Moxie Trader for a few years, then bumped into John Carter at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas. This is where his relationship with Simpler Trading began and now he is one of the talented traders on the team. He can be found at his brand website There you can check out his newsletters, media appearances, info about the Moxie alert service, purchase the Moxie indicator and classes based on his trading method. Come see how trading can be viewed with simplicity and reliability.

Where can I find TG at Simpler?

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TG’s Courses


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