The Fibonacci Queen

Traders can use Carolyn’s unique method of analysis to define high probability support and resistance zones to trade against. She teaches the trader how to use triggers to enter trades and proper methods of taking profits and cutting losses.

“It IS possible to make money trading, but not without the proper tools and a written trading plan. Rather than just providing entry and exit suggestions, I provide a template in the way of a trading plan, for the trader to take control of his/her own destiny using my analysis. Come on in and let me teach you how to fish, rather than just feed you!”

-Carolyn Bororden

A little bit about Carolyn:

Carolyn is an author and technical analyst with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Her work has been featured on The Money Show, CNBC, and The Street. She is a frequent guest on Jim Cramer’s ‘Off the Charts’ segment on Mad Money. Check out her book, Fibonacci Trading to gain new insight into pinpointing the highs and lows in market trading with her proven approach. She came to work with Simpler Trading when John and Henry began the chatroom at Simpler Options. John was previously a member of Carolyn’s site, when he was learning Fibonacci himself, and he knew he needed the Queen on his team. The trading team at Simpler Trading, particularly including John, Henry, and Danielle intertwine Carolyn’s work within their own. She is featured in the Simpler Options chatroom, and she also has her own site,, where she shares her chart analysis and time with subscribers.

Her chart analysis focuses on the ratio's derived from the Fibonacci number series. She applies these ratios on both the price and time axis of the market to identify high probability trading opportunities for herself and her subscribers, which she distributes both through the Simpler Options chatroom and Her goal is to teach you to take your trading destiny into your own hands and help you to define your trades to fit your own personality. Carolyn also teaches in-depth classes where she teaches her traders her method of analysis, if they’d like to learn how to analyze the charts themselves. 

Recommended Audience:  If you’re looking for defined levels to trade against that are identified by one of the most highly regarded Fibonacci experts today, look no further. Using Fibonacci analysis is all about entering when you have an edge and exiting when the move is about to terminate – so if you’re struggling with selling the lows and taking profits far too soon, Fibonacci analysis is what you need. The best part about the work is that it’s has very defined risk, making it conservative as well as consistent. It’s methodical and works on any timeframe. Traders in our room especially love to combine Carolyn’s levels with trades that other traders are putting on. Finding confluence between these setups is especially powerful.


Carolyn Boroden’s SSRG

New traders – don’t risk more than 0.05-2% of their account per trade, intermediate traders don’t risk more than 2% per trade. Don’t have more positions than you can realistically handle. Do not risk more than 10% of your portfolio at any given time. You can earn the right to trade bigger.

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The Best of: Carolyn Borden

Trading is all about learning to recognize the patterns that work. Like Warren Buffet has famously said, “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Sitting on your hands, and waiting until high probability moments in time appear, are what this game is all about.

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Understanding Carolyn’s Charts & Setups

Carolyns Fibonacci Levels are a combination of Fibonacci Extensions, Retracements, and Symmetry. She also runs timing cycles on her charts. Moments where she has found timing for a high are labeled at the top of the chart, while moments where she has found timing for a low are labeled at the bottom.

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