Sam’s Setup on LOW

Trade of the Week Sam Shames

For the Trade of the Week I am looking at LOW. I like the structure it’s holding on the daily and intraday, and underneath it is a weekly slingshot squeeze. For the idea, I am looking at 170/185/200 call fly the week before earnings to take advantage of the move in a way that offers some protection and remains outside the expected move for the center strike.

Tammy’s Setup in SHOP

Trader Tammy Marshall TOW

Inside of the larger swing, we have a closer pullback zone of risk in SHOP, which is also a royal setup.

Joe’s Setup in GC, Gold

Joe Rokop TOW

Given we are starting 2021 with extraordinarily rich valuations in equity markets, gold is a must-have asset in portfolios.

Raghee’s Setup in XOM

Raghee Horner Trade of the Week

With crude oil heading higher and XLE benefiting from strength later in the year, there could be some more upside in a window dressing/Santa rally and XOM is the relative outperformer in the XLE ETF. The idea is to scale into a long call position at one or each of the three entry levels, with the “aggro” being the smallest position size.

TG’s Setup in OSTK

TG Watkins Trade of the Week

My TOW will be OSTK because I wanted to find something that was setting up on a longer term basis, since we have holidays coming up. I like OSTK because it is at the Monthly 10 SMA, double bottom on the Daily, and is at the Hourly 50/200 SMA.

Henry’s Talking TSLA

Henry Gambell Trade of the Week

There’s been a big focus on TSLA this week but I think there’s more opportunity in it and will be looking at the UBFly for a high probability trade.

Joe’s Setup in the ES

Joe Rokop TOW

As stocks move forward into December, it behooves us to look back at the past. November’s seasonal optimism generally extends into December. Beginning in the 1940’s, the S&P 500 has logged an impressive average gain of 1.5%, making December the third most profitable month of the year — while also logging a month over month increase 73% of the time. Don’t mess with a bull market!

Bruce’s Setup on MSFT

Bruce Marshall Trade of the Week

I am using MSFT and am bullish for a rebound of large cap tech into the end of the year—I will use a regular Butterfly and target the 225 area for 31 DEC. As the market has been so crazy and we could easily pull back, I will manage with a tight stop and/or limit my size with 3 contracts, as discussed in the video.

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