Jack’s Setup on CVNA

I like CVNA based on the daily time frame and larger time frame squeezes. I’ve been very patient with this one, and I don’t see an issue pouncing on the daily squeeze early. I go through some bullish ideas into next Friday.

John’s Setup in SPY

John F. Carter Trade of the Week

We have a unique moment in time in this market, where the VIX has crashed but by all accounts stock market volatility has increased. Taking this situation into account, I’m going to buy a SPY iron condor here, going long the delta 40s and short the 20s, for a move up or down into next week.

Raghee’s Setup in CRM

Raghee Horner Trade of the Week

I am bullish the market post-election because then we can go back to the “rally on stimulus” optimism, and I am only slightly kidding… no, actually not kidding at all. While I am going to wait out the election before I deploy any new capital on my bullish watchlist (and there is a lot to like to the long side) I can take advantage of an oversold CRM (I am looking for stocks that don’t care who the next president will be… “election honey badgers”. I will leg into a 240/270 call vertical if CRM trades down to 230-235.

Sam’s Setup on VIX

Trade of the Week Sam Shames

In this Trade of the Week I am looking at VIX call spreads. The VIX can be a notoriously difficult trade, but the setup is viable and explosive, so I am willing to participate with a conservative strategy. I am looking at the 25/30 call spread for November to work with the idea of multiple squeezes and momentum crosses into a volatile time of the year.

Henry’s Setup in TSLA

Henry Gambell Trade of the Week

A Basic Setup in TSLA — The run into earnings is one of my favorite setups, and while I don’t know that TSLA will work, it has the potential to be a perfect example.

TG’s Setup in MAXR

TG Watkins Trade of the Week

My TOW is on MAXR which is in the space industry. This name has been a great performer for me in the past and has been respecting the Daily 50 SMA. MAXR is in a general uptrend and I see it just about ready to start lifting off 😉 on the hourly time frame.

Raghee’s Setup in TSM

Raghee Horner Trade of the Week

Long TSM by legging into 20 NOV 80 Call and sell the 20 NOV 90 Call. The process needs bearish momentum for the 80 call fill and 2.00—2.75 rally to sell the 90 Call. So this is my bullish play on TSM.

Sam’s Setup on CRWD

Trade of the Week Sam Shames

For the Trade of the Week I am looking at CRWD to the long side via a 135/145/155 call fly for Friday expiration. This is based on the expectation that the indexes can try and bounce back to the mean, either 8 or 21D ema, and if so, the pattern in CRWD is attractive to outperform. Let’s dive in.

Jack is long NET 9/15/2020

I like NET for a general long position based on higher time frames squeezes that could fire. I am buying the October Delta 70 calls, and won’t mind building into this position as we continue higher. Moving higher means those larger time-frames squeezes will continue to compress, and with upwards momentum it sure does put pressure on anyone short.

That's as far as you can go!