Earnings Analysis Indicator TS

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Simpler Trading Earnings Analysis Indicator – Tradestation


Success, your indicator is activated! You can now download it below.

Click Here to Download View Quick Start Guide

How to Download and Install Your Indicator:

Starting from the download area, download the file for your platform –in this case you will download the Tradestation executable file. Be sure Tradestation is closed at this point. Now that the file has been downloaded, run the file and click affirmatively through the installation wizard. This can be done by right clicking on the file and opening it, then running the installer. Half way through the install, Tradestation will open and the user will log in. Once logged in the Import Wizard will start for the final steps of the installation. Affirmatively click through the rest of the import wizard steps, noting where the files are going to be placed, in this case ShowMe.

Now you will want to open a new chart from the Trading Apps menu located on the left side of the Tradestation desktop. Select Chart Analysis and this will open a new chart. With the new chart open, right click in the background to select “Insert Analysis Technique (v.9.1) or Insert Indicator (v.9.5) The window that pops up will allow you to choose the indicators to be added to the chart. From there add the ST_EarningsAnalysis from the ShowMe tab.

The two part indicator installation is now complete and is ready to be saved in the user workspace. File>Save Workspace As….

That's as far as you can go!