Live Trading Workshop

October 29th and 30th, 2018 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA

Trade live (in person) with an elite group of veterans with experience that spans the financial markets from Stocks and Options, to Futures and Currencies. Collaborate with our community of traders while interacting and learning from our team that you hear everyday in our chatroom.

Limited Spots Available

A Note From John F. Carter


I wanted to let you know we have a very special event coming up in San Francisco, October 29th & 30th. My team and I will be talking about the markets. What’s working. What to expect the rest of the year. How to handle the mental side of trading when the volatility explodes. Always a great time!

As you can imagine, these live events are one of the best opportunities you will get to “check out of your busy life” and focus exclusively on trading for two solid days.

In addition, we will be there to answer your questions, look over your shoulder, and tell you “how it really works.”

The feedback on each small, live event we have done has been amazing. Whether you are a full time trader or just getting started, I believe this is the perfect opportunity to take your trading to the next level.

This is going to be our most unique event yet and I would love to have you be part of the experience.


Take care and good evening,


Connect with these Expert Traders

We add more expert speakers and traders to our schedule every week!

John F.Carter

John F. Carter

CEO & Founder of
Simpler Trading

Henry Gambell

Henry Gambell

Senior Managing
Director Options Trading

Bruce Marshall

Bruce Marshall

Director Options
and Income Trading

Carolyn Boroden

Carolyn Boroden

Director Fibonacci

Raghee Horner

Raghee Horner

Managing Director
Futures Trading

Danielle Shay

Danielle Shay Gum

Options Trading

Allison Ostrander

Allison Ostrander

Options Trading

David Starr

David Starr

VP, Quantitative Analysis

Schedule of Events

Sunday, October 28th

4PM - 6PM Open Registration

Monday, October 29th

7AM - 8AM Lite Breakfast Served

8AM General Live Trading Sessions

11AM - 12PM Lunch Served

2PM Break - Snack Served

2:30 - 3PM Q&A Session

4PM General Session Concludes

Tuesday, October 30th

6AM - 8AM Lite Breakfast Served

6:30AM General Live Trading Sessions

11AM - 12PM Lunch Served

2PM Break - Snack Served

2:30 - 3:30PM Panel Q&A & Trading Plan Discussion

3:30PM General Session Concludes


Don't Take Our Word for It!

Simpler Trading Live Event

“It will just accelerate you’re learning because you’re in an immersive environment.”

John H. / Chicago, IL

Simpler Trading Live Event

“This is my second time to a Simpler live event and it is awesome! The reason I came back for a
second time is because you learn so much the first time it is hard to remember it all!”

Keith R. / Columbus, OH

Simpler Trading Live Event

“For me to meet all the like-minded traders that are basically in the same position
that I am in or have already been in the past is really key for me.”

Bill M. / Pheonix, AZ