Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Overview
    II. No Recommendations/Advice Provided
    III. No Warranty
    V. Trials
    VI. Memberships
    VII. Seminars and Software
    VIII. Refund Policy
    IX. Site is Evolving
    X. Privacy and Communications
    XI. Intellectual Property
    XII. CAN-SPAM Compliant
    XIII. Indemnification
    XIV. Limitation of Liability
    XV. Termination and Survival
    XVI. Governing Law

XVII. Binding Individual Arbitration Agreement and Waiver of Jury Trial
XVIII. Entire Agreement


Last updated on 06/24/20

  1. Overview


The Agreement governs the relationship between you and Simpler Trading, LLC (the “Company”). All supplemental terms and rules issued by the Company that apply to the use of the Site, including those regarding Privacy and additional Disclaimers, form an integral part of this Agreement and are incorporated herein by this reference.

If you have any questions relating to the Site or Membership (as defined below), they can be sent to the attention of our Customer Service by email to [email protected].Thepublication of electronic mail addresses is to facilitate communications relating to the use of the Site and must not be inferred as consent by us to receiving unsolicited commercial electronic messages.

You understand and agree that the Site is provided by Company and may be terminated or otherwise discontinued by Company at its discretion pursuant to this Agreement.

By accepting this Agreement, you agree that you will not:

  1. Monitor, harvest, collect or attempt to obtain passwords or other Account information from or about other users of the Site, disclose your, or another person’s personally identifiable information;
  2. Impersonate another person, attempt to mislead others by indicating that you represent the Company, any of its partners, affiliates, or related companies, or express or imply that any statements that you make or actions you take are endorsed by Company;
  3. Download or copy any content, paid or free, except as may occur through the normal caching function of your browser and except to print and retain a copy for your own personal, non-commercial use;
  4. Reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, modify, distribute or publicly display any of the content except as expressly authorized in this Agreement;
  5. Outside the Site, sell, advertise or post information granted to you through the Site by setting up an Account and paying your membership fee;

Probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the Site or breach its security or authentication measures; take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure used to deliver the Site, Company’s systems or networks, or any systems or networks connected to the Site or Company.

  1. No Recommendations or Advice Provided

Information contained on the Site is educational in nature and designed to contribute to your overall understanding of various types of technical analysis and how the Company and it’s representatives apply this information to the financial markets. Company is not a Financial Advisor, Securities Broker-Dealer or Registered Analyst. No information contained on the Website is intended as securities brokerage, investment, tax, accounting or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of ay company, security or fund.

Trading of stocks, options, futures and cryptocurrencies may not be suitable for everyone and involves risks. You should consult your business advisor, legal, tax and accounting advisors concerning any contemplated transactions. By accessing the Site you acknowledge the risks involved in trading the stock, options, futures and cryptocurrency markets and acknowledge that you, the user, are solely responsible for any losses, financial or otherwise, as a result of using this Site. Company cannot and does not assess, verify or guarantee the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of any information, the suitability or profitability of any particular investment, or the potential value of any investment or informational source. You are responsible for conducting your own investment research and decisions. Company in no way warrants the solvency, financial condition, or investment advisability of any of the securities mentioned on the Site or any linked site.

The Company, its employees and its traders will NEVER manage or offer to manage a customer or individual's binary options, options, stocks, cryptocurrencies, currencies, futures, forex or any financial markets or securities account. If someone claiming to represent or be associated with the Company solicits you for money or offers to manage your trading account, do not provide any personal information and contact us immediately.

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer – Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Futures, options and stock trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures, options or stock markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, options or stocks. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

You should view our additional Disclaimers before continuing to use the Site. By accessing the Site you acknowledge and agree to the Disclaimers.

III. No Warranty

Company provides the Site on a commercially reasonable basis and does not guarantee that you will be able to access or use the Site at times or locations of your choosing, or that Company will have adequate capacity for the service as a whole or in any specific geographical location.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Site is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, for use at your own risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Company disclaims all warranties, representations and conditions, either express or implied, including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose, in connection with the Site Content with which it is linked. Company does not warrant that the Site will be uninterrupted or secure, that it will be available at any particular time, free of inaccuracies, errors, omissions, viruses or other harmful components, or will be corrected if found to be defective. We reserve the right to modify and/or discontinue the Site, or access thereto, at any time without notice. To the extent that you communicate with Company representative through any source, the statements and promises made or actions taken by them shall not limit or otherwise modify the terms of this disclaimer and/or this Agreement and this disclaimer and this Agreement apply to any information provided to you through such sources.

Company does not warrant that the Site or the servers that make the Site available will work with any particular hardware or software systems or configurations.

Some jurisdictions may not allow disclaimers of implied warranties and the above disclaimers may not apply to you to the extent prohibited.

Company shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform resulting from causes outside the reasonable control of Company, including without limitation any failure to perform hereunder due to unforeseen circumstances or cause beyond Company’s control such as acts of God, war, terrorism, riots, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, floods, accidents, network infrastructure failures, strikes, or shortages of transportation facilities, fuel, energy, labor or materials.

  1. Trials

Company offers a trial membership (“Trial Offer”) for a period of seven (7) or thirty(30) days from the moment that you active such trial period by submitting your payment details(“Trial Period”).By submitting your payment details, you (i) accept the 7-day or 30-day Trial Offer; (ii) consent to us using your payment details in accordance with our Privacy Policy; (iii) acknowledge and agree to Company’s Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers.

By signing up for a trial, your credit card will automatically be charged $7.00 or the relevant trial price as advertised. If you decide that you do not want to continue and purchase a Membership, you have to cancel your Trial Offer by calling (512) 266-8659 or emailing [email protected].Cancellation of your Membership is not official until you receive an email confirmation from Company.

You must cancel your Trial Offer the day before the Trial Period ends. If you do not cancel by 5PM CST the day the Trial Period ends, you will automatically become an active member, and the credit card you provided will automatically be charged the Membership Fee for the Membership associated with the Trial Offer.

Trial Offers are limited to one per member unless otherwise invited via email or phone to participate in an additional Trial Offer.

Once you are an active member, your account will be renewed either monthly or for the appropriate renewal period, depending on your Membership. If you wish to cancel your Membership subscription after the Trial Period, you may do so by following the instructions in the Membership section. There are no per-rata refunds on the remainder of the monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. no refunds or credits for partial monthly subscriptions. If Company increases the Membership Fee you will be provided notice. By continuing to use your Membership you accept the new price, and the price change will take effect at the start of the next subscription period following the date of the price change.

  1. Memberships

The Site contains both free content and paid content. One way paid content is offered is in the form of memberships (“Membership”), which requires payment of an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly fee (“Membership Fee”). By subscribing to a Membership, you agree to the following(“Membership Rules”):

  1. You will not share your username and/or password with any other party.
  2. You will not reprint, republish, repost, or otherwise distribute or transmit content or images presented on this Site. If you would like to share something from the Site that does not contain a share icon, please contact [email protected] PRIOR to doing so.
  3. You will not advertise, solicit members, trade goods or services or otherwise use or attempt to use the forum or live trading rooms for commercial purposes. Bulk-email, junk mail or spam, chain letters, private messages or repeat postings of the same message is not permitted in the forum or live trading rooms. Soliciting of members is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of your Membership, without refund.
  4. You will use your own name when posting to the discussion forum and trading rooms and will not impersonate or attempt to impersonate any other person(s) or entity.
  5. You will treat other subscribers with courtesy and respect when posting messages to the discussion group. This includes, but is not limited to, refraining from vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, ethnic slurs, hate speech, or sexually explicit language that is targeted at harassing, abusing or threatening other subscribers in the discussion forum and trading rooms. Company has the right to remove any messages or posts it deems, in its sole discretion, to be abusive, derogatory, inappropriate or adverse to the policies defined in these Terms and Conditions.
  6. By posting content on the Site or it’s affiliated websites, you permit Company to display and distribute the content and use it for advertising and promotion. You grant Company the complete, perpetual, non-exclusive right to use, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, sub-license or in any way use the content in whole or part, throughout the world, on a royalty-free basis.

Failure to abide by these Membership Rules can result in you being banned from the forum or trading rooms, your account being suspended or terminated completely, and even civil or criminal liability. Company, at its discretion, may terminate your Membership for any reason or no reason. If Company terminates your Membership, it will provide notice to you through the email address associated with your account.

Memberships may be canceled at any time by either party. If you wish to cancel, you may in one of the following ways:

  1. Call (512) 266-8659 to cancel your account over the phone
  2. Email [email protected]

Cancellation of your Membership is not official until you receive an email confirmation from Company.

VII. Seminar and Software

In addition to free content and Memberships, Company provides Seminars and Software for purchase. Seminars include classes, live seminars, and mentorships. Software includes indicators and other software that may be offered by the Company. Customers who purchase live Seminars are provided with a link of the recording and any materials, if applicable, following the seminar. There are no refunds on the purchase of Seminars or Software.

VIII. Refund Policy

For Members who decide to cancel their Membership pursuant to the cancellation policy defined in the Membership section, the following refund policies apply:

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Memberships

Due to the real-time nature of our products, there are no refunds or credits of Membership Fees for partial subscriptions. Rather, the current subscription will run its course to the end of the current billing cycle, at which point the Membership would then become inactive and the account cancelled.

If the credit card you provided for billing is cancelled without notice, the entire amount left on the contract will be sent to a 3rd party collection agency.

Seminars and Software

Due to the immediate delivery and inability to recoup these products, there are no refunds for Seminars or Software purchased through the Site.


Coupons are offered at the discretion of Company and may be granted, refused or adjusted at any time, with or without warning. Sometimes offers and discounts are made after you have purchased a Seminar, Software, Membership or Trial. It is within Company’s sole discretion to offer a coupon for the difference between your purchase price and the discounted price.

  1. The Site is evolving and may result in changes to the Agreement.

You understand that the Site is an evolving one. Company may require that you accept updates to the Site. Company reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Agreement, at any time, for any reason, with or without notice to you, or to do any of the following:

  1. Modify, suspend, limit or terminate operation of, or access to, any portion of any feature or function of the Site or your Membership and/or any of its applicable policies or terms, including hours of availability;
  2. Change any fees or charges that may be related to your use of the Service;
  3. Change the equipment, hardware or software required to access the Service;
  4. Interrupt the Service, or any portion of the Service, to perform routine or non-routine maintenance, error correction or other changes.

Any changes to the Agreement will be effective immediately upon notice, which Company may provide by any means, including, without limitation, by electronic posting, which will be effective immediately. You agree to check this Agreement periodically for the new provisions that govern the Site. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to them.

  1. Privacy and Communications

Your privacy is very important to us. We designed our Privacy Policy to make important disclosures about how we use your personal information. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy, and to use it to help you make informed decisions. By agreeing to this Agreement, you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy, the terms of which govern your use and access of the Site.

You consent to allow electronic communications from the Company, including any information or notices that the Company may be required by law to send to you or that may pertain to this Agreement or your access or use of the Site. We may provide such communications to you: (1) via e-mail at the e-mail address you designated to us; (2) via “push notifications” to Your mobile device; (3) by access to the Site that will generally be designated in advance for such purpose or designated in an e-mail notice to you; (4) any messaging or chat application for computer or mobile device of your choosing; or (5) in the course of your use of the Site.


Notwithstanding any current or prior election to opt in or opt out of receiving telemarketing calls or SMS messages (including text messages) from the Company, our agents, representatives, affiliates, or anyone calling on our behalf, you expressly consent to be contacted by the Company, our agents, representatives, affiliates, or anyone calling on our behalf for any and all purposes arising out of or relating to the Company, any products or services offered by the Company, this Agreement, or the Site, at any telephone number, or physical or electronic address you provide or at which you may be reached. You agree we may contact you in any way, including SMS messages (including text messages), calls using prerecorded messages or artificial voice, and calls and messages delivered using auto telephone dialing system or an automatic texting system. Automated messages may be played when the telephone is answered, whether by you or someone else. In the event that an agent or representative calls, he or she may also leave a message on your answering machine, voice mail, or send one via text. You consent to receive SMS messages (including text messages), calls and messages (including prerecorded and artificial voice and autodialed) from us, our agents, representatives, affiliates or anyone calling on our behalf at the specific number(s) you have provided to us, or numbers we can reasonably associate with your account (through skip trace, caller ID capture or other means), with information or questions about your application, loan and/or account. You certify, warrant and represent that the telephone numbers that you have provided to us are your contact numbers. You represent that you are permitted to receive calls at each of the telephone numbers you have provided to us. You agree to promptly alert us whenever you stop using a particular telephone number. Your cellular or mobile telephone provider will charge you according to the type of plan you carry. You also agree that we may contact you by e-mail, using any email address you have provided to us or that you provide to us in the future. We may listen to and/or record phone calls between you and our representatives without notice to you as permitted by applicable law. For example, we may listen to and record calls for quality monitoring purposes.


  1. Intellectual Property

All content offered by Company on the Site, including, but not limited to, the free materials and content, Membership materials and content, seminars, software, any resources you receive through a representative of Company, and all logos, slogans, and taglines (collectively and individually, the “Content”),are protected by trademark and copyright laws.

You may not modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, reproduce, upload, post, perform, display, create derivative works from, or in any way exploit such Content or distribute it in any way to any other computer, server, website or other medium for publication or distribution or for any commercial purpose, except as Company expressly permits in this Agreement. Making unauthorized copies of the Content may result in the termination of your Account, prohibition to use the Site, and further legal action.

XII. CAN-SPAM Compliant

Simpler Trading is CAN-SPAM compliant, which allows for you to request we stop sending you emails. Our emails contain “unsubscribe” options, which you may use to stop receiving emails from Simpler Trading. If you have any issues unsubscribing from our emails, please contact [email protected]

XIII. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers and employees harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ and experts’ fees and costs, arising out of your use of this Site, including information made available to you through this Site or the violation of this Agreement, including any breach of your covenants or agreements hereunder. In addition, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers and employees harmless for any act resulting directly or indirectly from this Site, its data, content, materials, associated pages and documents.

XVI. Limitation of Liability

You expressly understand and agree that, to the full extent permitted by applicable law, Company is not liable for damages, losses and expenses of whatever nature and however arising, including without limitation direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages, losses or expenses, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, loss of investments, goodwill, use, data or other intangible loss, arising in connection with this Site or use thereof or inability to use by any party, or in connection with any failure or performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or line of system failure, even if the Company or its representatives are advised of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses. Access hyperlinks to or from other internet resources at your own risk and it is your responsibility to take all protective measures to guard against viruses or other destructive elements; the content, accuracy, opinions expressed and other links provided by these resources are not endorsed by Company. This limitation of liability applies whether the alleged liability is based on contract, negligence, tort, strict liability, or any other basis. Your sole remedy for dissatisfaction with the Site and information on the Site is to stop using the Site.

In the event that the foregoing disclaimer of liability is held to be invalid or unenforceable, you agree that the maximum cumulative aggregate liability of the Company to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence and strict liability), or otherwise) at any time shall be the lesser of $100 or the aggregate cumulative amount paid by you to Company up to and including the time of the incurrence of such liability, if any, to access the Site. You agree that any cause of action arising out of or related to the Site must commence within one (1) year after the cause of action accrues or the cause of action is permanently barred.

  1. Termination and Survival

Any obligations which expressly or by their nature are to continue after termination, cancellation, or expiration of these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to those addressing privacy and content ownership, shall survive and remain in effect after such event. Furthermore, the following sections of these Terms and Conditions shall survive any termination or discontinuance of the Site or your access to it: Intellectual Property, Indemnification, Limitation of Liability, Privacy (and the Privacy Policy).

If you wish to terminate your Membership, you may do so by emailing [email protected].Upon our acceptance of your request, your account and any personal information will be deleted (except for that information that we are required to keep in compliance of any applicable laws).

XVI. Governing Law

Company administers and operates the Site from Austin, Texas. The Federal Arbitration Act, applicable federal law, and the laws of the state of Texas, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern this Agreement and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and the Company.


XVII. Binding Individual Arbitration Agreement and Waiver of Jury TrialYou agree that any dispute or claim, no matter how described, pleaded, or styled, between You and the Company (including all past or present parents, affiliates, officers, or employees) arising out of, relating to, under, or in connection with (i) the Agreement, (ii) the Site or access to or use of the Site, or (iii) the Privacy Policy, shall be resolved by binding, confidential, individual arbitration before a single, neutral arbitrator under the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”) conducted by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) under its Consumer Arbitration Rules. The FAA (including all its procedural and substantive provisions) and related federal decisional law shall govern this provision to the fullest extent possible.

There is no judge or jury in arbitration, and court review of an arbitration award is limited. However, an arbitrator can award on an individual basis the same damages and relief as a court (including injunctive and declaratory relief or statutory damages), and must follow the terms of this Agreement as a court would. Except as specifically required by applicable law, the fact of and all aspects of the arbitration and the underlying claim shall remain strictly confidential by you and the Company, our respective representatives, the arbitrator, and the arbitral forum.


The AAA's Consumer Arbitration Rules and related forms and filing instructions are available at www.adr.org or by calling 1-800-778-7879. Payment of all filing, administration, and arbitrator fees will be governed by the AAA’s rules. 


You and the Company each agree that any dispute resolution proceedings will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class, consolidated or representative action. Further, both you and the Company agree that the arbitrator shall have no authority to join or consolidate any dispute or claim asserted by more than one person. You and the Company agree that the arbitrator shall have the power to rule on his or her own jurisdiction, including any objections with respect to the existence, scope, or validity of the arbitration agreement or to the arbitrability of any claim or counterclaim. You and the Company further agree that the arbitrator shall have the authority to award attorneys’ fees and costs to the prevailing party should the arbitrator determine that the asserted claims are frivolous. 


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this provision, you and the Company agree that you or the Company may bring suit in court to seek injunctive relief, including seeking to enjoin infringement or other misuse of intellectual property rights or to seek injunctive relief in aid of an arbitrator’s award.  


Except for the right to seek injunctive relief or relief in a small claims court as provided in this provision, neither you nor the Company shall file an action in any court against the other, and any such action filed in violation of this provision shall be dismissed in favor of arbitration. You and the Company both recognize and agree that such a breach of this Agreement will cause the other damage including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in compelling arbitration, which the breaching party will be liable to pay.


If for any reason a claim proceeds in court rather than in arbitration, you and the Company each knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally waive any right which they may have to a trial by jury in respect to any litigation (including but not limited to any claims, counterclaims, crossclaims and third-party claims) arising out of, relating to, under, or in connection with (i) the Agreement, (ii) the Site or access to or use of the Site, or (iii) the Privacy Policy.


XVIII. Entire Agreement

This Agreement (including all agreements and policies referenced herein) constitutes the entire agreement between you and Company with regard to your use of the Site, and any and all other written or oral agreements or understandings previously existing between you and Company with respect to such use are hereby superseded and cancelled. Company will not accept any counteroffers to this Agreement, and all such offers are hereby categorically rejected. Your use of the Site is not intended and shall not be deemed to create any agency, joint venture, or other legal relationship of any kind between you and Company other than that of independent contractors. This Agreement may not be assigned by you.

Company’s failure to insist on or enforce strict performance of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver by Company of any provision or any right it has to enforce this Agreement, nor shall any course of conduct between Company and you or any other party be deemed to modify any provision of this Agreement. This Agreement shall not be interpreted or construed to confer any rights or remedies on any third parties.

If any provision of this Agreement is found to be illegal, void or unenforceable, then:(i) such provision (or portion thereof as applicable) will be deemed to be restated to reflect as nearly as possible the original intentions of the parties in accordance with applicable law, and (ii) the remaining terms, provisions, covenants and restrictions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any provision of this Agreement which is held null, void or otherwise ineffective or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction cannot be restated by such court to reflect as nearly as possible the original intentions of the parties, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this Agreement.

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