Earnings Hot Zone Indicator

Available On: ThinkorSwim

How Do We Use It?

This tool is a three-for-one. The Earnings Hot Zone Indicator is a ‘Run into Earnings’ Indicator and Statistics tool, PLUS an ‘Implied Volatility Gauge.’ The Hot Zone is a fantastic visual that allows traders to see within seconds ideal trading time frames. This, paired with the stats tool, gives traders both a visual and numerical set of statistics to identify trades backed by statistics.

This tool goes with the Earnings Volatility indicator, for the complete package.


Volatility is a critical part of trading this season, so these tools go together but they are made separately as the first one goes on the top part of the chart and the second on the bottom. That’s why this package also includes an Indicator Installation Session to make sure your Indicator is in “tip-top” shape, and that you’re ready to hit the ground running for the class as well as any live trading sessions.

This tool gives traders the statistics they absolutely need to identify the highest probability trades. It identifies these high probability shots, in addition to giving traders critical information, such as previous quarters analysis, dollar and percentage moves, actual versus expected moves, trends and more!