“Where will this move top out?” is a common question asked by traders. DynaRange was built by Simpler’s own David Starr with the goal of answering that question.

DynaRange is built on the idea that price swings terminate at inflection points in momentum. When momentum slows it may precede a change in direction.

The DynaRange indicator shows us projected swing targets based on this calculation of price momentum and allows us to exit a trade before it becomes obvious to the market that momentum has slowed and the trend reverses.

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How Do We Use It?

DynaRange is best used in combination with Ready. Aim. Fire! The combination of these two indicators provides us with both a price target and an underlying measure of momentum via the RAF indicator.

We want to buy when the DynaRange indicator is at a projected level of support and when Ready Aim Fire is oversold or registering a buy signal at a DynaRange support level.

We want to sell when the DynaRange indicator is at a projected level of resistance and when Ready Aim Fire is overbought or registering a sell signal at a DynaRange resistance level.

Combining these indicators shows traders momentum turning points and profit targets in a market before it becomes apparent to everybody else.