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Every trader wishes they did the deep-dive research Sam Shames does every weekend but they often don’t have the time (or the expertise).

His tireless due diligence is part of what makes Sam such a respected and successful trader. Now you can have Simpler Trading’s VP of Options acclaimed research delivered directly to your inbox every Sunday. The goal of this report is to give you an edge over traders who don’t have Sam’s breadth and depth of analysis, let alone his proven insights. This also helps you expand your trading possibilities as Sam is looking at stocks that you otherwise might never trade or even glance at. Why reinvent the wheel when you can save hours each week and let Sam share his “homework” with you?

Here’s What’s Included in Each Weekly Issue:

High level overview of markets, indices, and internals

Forecasting asset directions (ex: neutral, bear, bull)

Scans on promising tickers and signals

Weekly Options Premium Videos by Sam

Calendar of events that could impact the market that week

Sam’s personal list of sectors to focus on each week

Summary section for quicker insights

What “This Week in the Markets” Recipients Say:

““Thank you and Sam for posting the "Story of the Week" and your daily forecast. It is extremely beneficial to my understanding of what, when and how to take what the market will give. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

- Dillon

“Thanks so much for posting your notes. I think your notes and weekend video are some of the more valuable offerings of the Simpler site. Really looking forward to your January class and access to your latest indicators. Thanks again.”

- Jim Jefferson

“Thank you very much Sam thus far for providing us in one clean sweep -The state of the market. The quality was superb and benefited us all especially on Mondays. We felt well armed to begin logging into all those screens.” 

- Ragna

Here’s your chance to get expert insight and analysis from Sam’s “This Week in The Markets” report.

Imagine having expert market analysis at the tip of your fingers every Sunday…

In Sam Shames’ detailed report he reveals what key ETFs are doing, including the SPY, QQQ, DIA, IWM, and his FANG Index. He also gives you a detailed yet concise breakdown of market internals, volatility, the yield curve, and every other sector you need to know about to stay on top of the market.

Plus, you’ll get his Calendar for the week and seasoned commentary (which is absolutely priceless). This will help you know what to expect through the lens of a trader with nearly 15 years of experience under his belt. Additionally, you’ll receive access to his exclusive Options Premium videos which are recorded and posted every Friday.

The goal is to give you advanced notice on developing trends, early warning for reversals, and opportunities worth watching. We want you to be able to act before other traders even know what’s going on.


Sam’s looking to provide actionable analysis so you can make the best trading decisions possible based on real data rather than opinions or speculation.

This weekly report thoroughly evaluates the key sectors of the market and gives you the highlights in concise, easily digestible briefings on everything from stocks to commodities, indices, to Bitcoin.

Sam also shares his personal watchlist for the week so you know which opportunities he’s most interested in.

That’s like Sam giving you his homework AND the answers to the test in one report.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“I'm a delighted subscriber to Sam's "This Week in the Market" newsletter. I highly recommend you take the trial if it is still available. It's a great piece of "coaching." -Wynn

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Who is Sam Shames?

Sam specializes in options, equities, and macro trading using short-term signals. He started trading in 2007. He began his career by trading index futures and equities intraday and later branched out to options which are now his trading vehicle. Sam’s strategy is top-down – the tide first, boats second.

A typical path Sam will take before entering a position is understanding the setup on the index such as S&P or Nasdaq first, then the sector, such as technology, second, and the stock third. This gives him an edge in trading as it shows the money flow from the broad market to stocks. Once he has found a setup, he looks for an entry using multiple timeframe analysis to ensure that the signals are aligned on the weekly, daily, and intraday charts. The strongest setups have clean alignment from the intraday to the weekly.


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