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Sep 28th 2020  .  2 min read

This week jumped out to a positive start in the markets and it’s a welcomed uptick compared to the past few weeks.

Navigating wild swings can be tasking on traders.

It’s important to determine what kind of trader you are before any new wild swing in the markets.

Are you aggressive, targeting high-profit moves any way the market shifts and willing to take on the heartburn and sleepless nights?

Or do you prefer a steadier outlook, pursuing less stellar gains of “singles” and “doubles” with steadier profits?

Maybe somewhere in between, mostly working toward consistent hits and wins with occasionally swinging for the fences?

One of the great things about trading is there are many ways to earn profits. The downside is it’s difficult to be a jack-of-all-trades and maintain consistent profitability.

An important trait of successful trading is keying in on a “style” of trading that fits your personality and goals while not overextending into too many methods and strategies.

That’s why at Simpler Trading we have a variety of traders — all accomplished in their own style. This allows our community of traders to find a style they relate to and then begin advancing their skills.

No need to trade alone when you have the Simpler team sharing what they’re doing in real time.

We Saw: Big jump across the indexes — 

  • 500-point Dow surge before settling in with 400-point day
  • Sharp rise in tech, financials
  • Oil, gold ticking up

We’re Watching: Sectors showing strength for setups —

  • Semiconductors helping lift Nasdaq
  • Squeezes setting up for possible plays
  • Setups in: PTON, SPCE, SPX, PENN

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Small Account Mastery John Carter
Small Account Mastery John Carter