Find ‘Moxie’ To Chart This Market


Simpler Trading Team

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“Can I make it in this market?”

That’s a tough question for anyone to face in a trading environment that changes sharply on a whim almost daily.

This market is similar to a pilot charting a flight plan through a thunderstorm and landing safely at the next airport.

How do you chart a path through the market chaos to identify winning trades?

Find your Moxie.

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading, developed his Moxie Method that fits current market situations.

Moxie is a detailed system of trading designed to identify specific setups on stock charts no matter which direction the market is moving. Moxie has an indicator to monitor, track, and execute trades that avoid risk and offer profit potential. And TG developed a checklist, like a map when flying, that keeps him disciplined and on course when trading.

In trading, the learning never stops. Moxie helps traders find clear direction to master the markets (it works for stocks and options). Every trader has sought training and guidance from others. It’s all part of the process of developing, maintaining, and improving skills.

TG offers the MoxieTrader Mastery program that helps fellow traders stay on course and make sense of this crazy market. This mastery has helped many navigate 2020 and map out profitable returns.

Traders have been able to catch “Moxie Stocks” before they take off. Traders without a plan face uncertain times in today’s market that tends to twist and turn with every wild political and business news event.

MoxieTrader Mastery offers the opportunity to learn from TG and create a plan designed for consistent income.

Doesn’t it make sense to chart a path through the chaos and develop the freedom and confidence to trade like a pro?

TG is hosting a special free session (tonight, Sept. 29, at 7 p.m. Central), and announcing an incredible offer for traders who want to close the year strong.

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